2 Easy Methods to Replace a Lost or Broken Apple AirPods

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AirPods from Apple are the world’s first audio device that is wireless. They are rich in exclusive features that are very much attractive in looks and have a catchy design. The compact measurement fits in your ears easily. Now, suppose accidentally you lose it somehow or face a breakdown due to some obvious reasons. Then, you need to look for ways to mend it.

There are several ways that you can use to substitute your AirPods. In addition to that, you will also get help from Apple, if it is in the span of international warranty. Now, the question is how to follow the exact procedure. Yes, there are two easy methods to get them back to keep your music and calling session on the go. 

Substituting One of your Lost or Broken AirPods

With only one AirPod, it is impossible to communicate with your mobile device and get your work done. So, there are basically two main ways to substituting your faulty AirPods. You can opt for one of them and get your pair back. 

1. Support from Apple Itself

If your AirPods are within the time span of an International warranty, then you have to contact Apple. In order to do so, you have to go to the support website of Apple. Select the Substitute Replacement option and enter the device serial number. Then, the page will redirect you to another page where you will get all the information about the nearby retailer. 

You have to pay some amount for getting the substitution. After getting it, put both the pods in the case for charging. You can wait for an hour until the charging is complete. After that, synchronize with your Apple device and start your activity. 

2. In Case of Broken AirPods

If one of your AirPods is broken, then take both the pods, put it in the case and go to the retailer. Before that, if possible, diagnose and try to find out the problem by yourself. Make sure you carry all the proofs like receipt of the bill, warranty card and other authentic documents. 

After that, they will take care of the rest. Just follow what they say, word by word. If you have an Apple service center nearby, then it will be an excellent choice, go straight to them. Tell them the problem that you are facing and they will do their job. 

A Brief Pricing Details 

If you are having the AppleCare+ policy with you, then you can get a new AirPod or repair the damaged one in approximate $29. You will get this facility twice. Apart from that, each pod will cost around $69 for normal and $89 for AirPods Pro. If you are willing to deliver it to your home, there will be extra shipping charges. 


Both the substitution processes are available for AirPods and AirPods Pro. So, you don’t have to panic if you are having the Pro version. The international warranty and replacement service solely depends upon the import and export department of your country. If the shipping somehow gets delayed, just relax and make sure that there were some problems in the customs. It will eventually get solved and the pods will reach you safely.

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