8 Easy Ways to Make Your Tech Gadgets Last Longer

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In this COVID-19 situation, most of the people are working from home. Now, in this crisis situation, you need to handle our technical gadgets in a more different way. You cannot halt your work even in this crisis situation. When a device’s battery becomes faulty, usually we don’t think of repairing it and directly opt for buying a new device. This can affect your savings. So, you need to apply certain pro hacks to maintain your device.

Best Ways to Take care of your Gadgets

If you want to take care of your gadgets, then you need to go through some of the innovative methods. So, let’s get started. 

1. Take care of the Battery 

Batteries of your smartphones, tablets, and laptops begin to deteriorate as time passes by. But, if you take care of it, then it will stay and serve you more. As most of the batteries are Lithium-ion batteries, you must avoid decreasing the charge percentage to 0%. So, always put your device on charge and don’t open it on the midway. This can shorten the lifespan of your battery. 

2. Use Dedicated Chargers

Whenever you purchase an electronic device, you get a charger with it. Always try to use that charger for charging your device. If you use some other chargers, it might fit the device, work well but it doesn’t mean that you will keep charging at a stable rate. The voltage and amperage are not up to the mark in other chargers. That is why stick to the equipment provided by your device manufacturer. 

3. Avoid Extreme Weather 

Most of the mobile and laptops have the ability to tolerate 30 degrees to 45 degrees at an extreme level. But, they are usually made to use in the normal room temperatures. If you go to some places where it is extremely cold or hot, then it will damage your device. The touch screens will not work, the battery will drain eventually, HDD will crash, shattered displays, and others. So, always try to stay at room temperature. 

4. Don’t make your Device too Hot

While working on your electronic devices, especially laptops, the temperature of the CPU can increase rapidly. This can only happen when your system is a bit old. If this happens, then your hard disk drive can get more affected than the system. 

After that, it can also damage the battery. So, it is better that you don’t open too many applications in your system, all at once. This can also happen on your mobile, tablets, and other wearable gadgets too. 

5. Avoid Water Sparkles

Nowadays, many mobile and laptops are water-resistant. So, never fall for the idea that it is waterproof. There are a few devices that are water-proof, but that is up to a certain level and the time span is also very short. Especially laptops are not at all water-resistant. So, you need to handle them carefully. Make sure that the devices don’t get into contact with water. 

6. Perform Device Updates

Have you ever thought why the device manufacturers provide update notifications? The system that you are using gets old, as technology is improving every second. In addition to that, while you are connected to the internet, several malicious files can penetrate through your system and cause a severe glitch. 

Thus, you need to respond to all the official updates provided by the device manufacturer. When the notification arrives on your mobile devices or laptops, download and installs them at once. This will keep your system up-to-date and also give protection from certain vulnerabilities. 

7. Cover Up your Devices 

All of a sudden, if you accidentally drop your mobile device or laptop, then it can cause serious damage. That is why you have to cover them up when you are not using it. You can check for various types of mobile and laptop cases available in the market. Before buying it, make sure that it has passed the drop test successfully. Experts recommend that it will be much better if you keep your laptop in its desired place or in a good quality Targus bag. 

8. Keep your Devices On

You might think that after working for long hours, your system needs rest. Yes, indeed but turning your laptop on and off repeatedly is not good. That is why after long working hours, if you feel that you have more work to do, then keep your system on. It is well applicable for mobile and tablets too. 


Taking care of your techs is one of your sole responsibilities. In this crisis situation, people are facing many financial problems. That is why you need to save what you have and as much as you can. This will help you to save money and make the working procedure effective as well.

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