Stereohyped is the black-interest blog you’ve been looking for.

Our mix of news and politics, entertainment and celebrities, education and career, dating and sex, and travel and culture make Stereohyped the top destination for our African-American readers. We’ve abandoned the machines of mainstream media, where people of color are still treated as second class, where our views and interests never seem as equal or important.

Instead, we’re narrowing our scope, delivering the news and features that our black audience craves. Stereohyped is the culture chronicle for well-informed black men and women who want a lot more out of the media they consume.


At the helm is Lauren Williams, your editor and emissary. A D.C. native, Lauren now lives in Brooklyn, New York. She used to be a respectable newspaper journalist, but left it all behind for New York City and this blog, on which she analyzes the work of respectable journalists several times a day.

Lauren has slightly abnormal obsessions with television, movies, and celebrity gossip, but likes to get her serious on with the situation warrants it. She’s juggling degrees from the University of Virginia (English and African American Studies) and Syracuse University (Print Journalism), culinary certificates from Le Cordon Bleu, and a Cockapoo named Charli Renee that she sometimes refers to as her daughter.

If you’re looking – and why wouldn’t you be – you can probably find her hanging out at a coffee house in her Brooklyn neighborhood, slaving over her Mac notebook and ingesting copious amounts of caffeine. Feel free to join her if you can keep up.

Stereohyped is published by the folks behind JossipQueerty, and MollyGood, which means we’re well-versed in feeding an audience addicted to constant and informed updates.

Stereohyped. Once you blog black, you never go back.