If we talk about security then macOS is still powerful, despite enhanced cyber crooks who keep on trying to hack the device after the popularity grown by it in current years.  But still when the time is indicating you frequently to stay safe from the hackers, then it’s better not take chances and become a victim of platform-agnostic threats.

Today we will be discussing the simple steps that will help Mac users to take care of the privacy and online security of their systems.

Make Sure You Surf The Web With Safari

When you use Safari for browsing then it avoids cross-site tracking, blocks every cookie, and limits access to location services. Isn’t it so helpful?

For your online accounts, an in-built Password Generator recommends strong passwords and its anti-phishing elements to take an oath to secure you from fraud websites.  Not only this but Safari also provides sandboxing security in its in-built flash player, Oracle Java plugins, QuickTime, and PDF viewers.

Even the files that you download with the use of Safari are screened by macOS to regulate if they have executable files.

Update OS X & Programs

Keeping the OS X and programs updated is the oldest and easiest way to keep hackers away from hackers. The hackers normally target software that is not updated and easily find security sensitivity that only developers edit and resolve in the updated version. Hence, it becomes mandatory to update the OS X & programs.

If you don’t know how to update it then we are here to help you with that.

  • Click on the Apple icon
  • Choose the option “About This Mac”
  • Then click the Software Update option
  • Now you can proceed with the instructions for installation

Reset your Apple Id password if in doubt

Sometimes what happens is that you keep the same password of your Apple ID for years but you should change it after a certain period. Now you must be thinking that why? Well if you keep on changing it after a few times then it becomes hard for the hacker to keep a track of your password. If you have no idea about how to reset apple id password with email, then follow these steps: It’s very simple and you will be able to do it in just a few minutes.

  • Visitơm login or
  • Then enter your Apple ID
  • Click “Continue”
  • Now choose the options Apple ID reset of password
  • Then select to Get an email
  • Click “Continue” and then “Done”
  • Now you will receive an email, click on “Reset Now”
  • Now type and confirm your new password
  • Click “Reset Password”

You are done!

Run only the software you know

The easiest channel for malware is through the software you download and install. Make sure you don’t click the links that come in the email. Never accept online download recommendations from the website and people you don’t know. And if you limit the installation of software from the Mac App Store from a renowned developer, using downloads straightly from their website, then you are eradicating most of the risk of getting hacked.

Final Words

When you buy a device, you need to protect it. Don’t do the things that can hamper the system and let your personal details get in the hands of the hacker.  

With renowned e-commerce brands in the market, it is tough to get organic traffic on your e-commerce website. One needs to get their e-commerce marketing strategies right on point in Search Engine Optimization for sustenance in the competitive market.

From the point of attaining a visitor to the process of retaining them and making them stay as your loyal customer, SEO for an e-commerce website is not a cakewalk at all.

So, to help you crack the marketing puzzle for E-commerce Business, avail the below-given step by step guide in your SEO Services.

Site Structure

The site structure of any e-commerce website is the foundation of SEO strategy. Without it, the bounce rate can increase, as the visitor can get confused on your website without it.

Google doesn’t like if the bounce rate is high on your website and can, in turn, drop down the ranking of your website.

SSL certificate: Website Security

You need to make a trustable bond with your customer that is showcased to them when you have HTTPS:// in the address of your website. It improves the SEO of the website and is trusted by Google.

Website Security


Lightning Page Load Speed

To ensure a smooth customer experience and more conversion rate, make sure that the page load time on your website is as low as possible. It would help in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

Page Load Speed


Compelling Meta Descriptions

The first thing that a user reads about your brand is the meta description of your website. Make sure that the content is engaging as it is responsible for affecting the click-through rate on your website directly. It will help you get more organic traffic on your website.

301 Redirect

Pay attention to any expired or out of stock product on your website for which you can use the 301 redirect to transfer all the search engine optimization value to a new page and won’t harm the traffic.

Compress The Image

E-commerce websites are stuffed with tons of images that can make the page or the entire website heavy. Ensure that this does not affect the loading time of your website, make sure that you compress the images without compromising the quality.

Implement Long-tail Keywords

With the number of 20000 organic searches in the form of long-tail keywords, it is an effective way to drive traffic to your e-commerce store and increase your revenue.

From the below image, the high conversion rate associated with the long-tail keywords can be understood. These are low-cost keywords and have a high probability of conversion. It makes them highly SEO-oriented and beneficial to use in marketing strategies.

Long-tail Keywords


No Selling On The Homepage

This practice helps in decreasing the bounce rate on your website. No visitor would like to get bombarded with tons of items that may not interest them. You can start by offering some good suggestions on your homepage before the selling process, to earn the interest of the people.



Create Urgency

Make sure to offer some inducing countdowns on products so that the user gets compelled to enter the buying cycle. Include phrases like 5 days to go or a few left to attract the users to your e-Commerce Store.

Utilize Free Option

Consumers tend to purchase an item more likely in the case when they are offered something free along with that or a bit discounted. Including phrases like free shipping and sale can help you get more consumers.

Informative Product Description

Curate rich content while describing the products listed on your e-commerce store so that Google can also thank you for the same. High-quality content on your e-commerce store also drives organic traffic to the same.

Feature User Content

A person is more likely to make a purchase from your e-commerce platform influenced by the reviews and recommendations. By featuring your user-generated content, you can also showcase your customers that look forward to catering them a happy shopping experience.

content loop


Video Content

Increase the engagement time and conversion rate on your website by posting the video content of your product as a demo. It will help the visitor get an idea about the product and compare them to make a purchase.

List On Amazon

While running an e-commerce store, do list your products on amazon and link them back to your website. This practice is vital as almost 38% of product searches happen on Amazon.

Review From Popular Bloggers

For exceptional brand awareness, you can contact famous bloggers in your product niche to review your products. It will help you get access to their loyal customer base that may help you attract at least half of them in one go for a sale.

Start An Affiliate Program!

Invite bloggers to write and promote your products under your affiliate program, which will increase sales, site backlinks, ranking, and more.

affiliate marketing


Go Local

If you are a local business, you can utilize the opportunity to focus more on local Search Engine Optimization and keywords that use phrases like near me or near (any local location). It will help you get access to potential customers located close to your business.

Post Unbiased Review Content

Instead of blatantly promoting your products, curate content that will acknowledge the buyer that which of your products would suit them the best. This tactic will impress the buyer for your efforts showcased in helping them choose the right product.

Products Related Content

Running an e-commerce store and not having a block section is like losing tons of traffic to your competitors. Make sure that you construct a small block page for your e-commerce store in which you can help your customers with queries like holiday gift guides, shoe selection, skincare products selection, and many more likewise. It will help in collecting traffic on your block cost and diverting it straight to your product page.

The above-listed SEO tips are like magic beans to any SEO agency or professional. These are easy to start with and can create a major difference in your website sale cycle. Try and test it yourself!

Author Bio:

Rajesh Bhimani is the Founder of Skynet Technologies, a Website Design, and Development Agency. He has 20 years of experience in the Technology and Marketing industry. When he isn’t working, you can find him cooking for his family or reading some fiction. You can connect with him on Twitter.

A 2016 report by the American Community Survey showed that 89% of U.S. households owned a computer. The number has continued to rise as computers gain broader use in businesses, education, health, and entertainment. If you’re thinking of getting a computer, you’re not late for the party!

You have a range of computer options at your disposal. However, deciding on whether to buy a desktop or a laptop can be a real dilemma, especially if you haven’t used either in the past.

If you’re in such a fix, you’re in luck today. We have a desktop vs laptop computer comparison for you.

Here’s our comprehensive guide on the pros and cons of laptops vs desktops.

Desktop Computers 

A desktop computer refers to a personal computer designed to be used within a single location due to its power requirements and size. It has different parts, including a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and computer case. Desktop computers are often used at work, school, or even at home.

Pros of Desktop Computers

It’s essential to understand the benefits of a desktop computer vs a laptop computer to guide you in making a choice. Desktop computers have several advantages that might prompt one to choose them over laptops.

Here are the top pros of desktop computers;

Exceptional Performance 

When it comes to performance, desktops take the trophy. These computers have full-sized components, which allow them to have exceptional power operation. Some of these components, such as advanced processors, aren’t on laptops.

Desktops further boast of adequate storage— both external and internal. Typically, desktops come with inbuilt external and internal drive ports for multiple connections. Laptops, on the other hand, can only hold single internal storage unless you change the drive.

The extra performance makes desktops more ideal for enterprise use and big projects. They have advanced hardware and cooling systems to handle complex tasks. Better still, they are upgradable, meaning that you can improve components like the processor, SSD, and RAM.


If you’re in a dilemma about choosing a desktop vs a laptop computer, your budget can be a determiner. A desktop computer is your ideal option if you’re on a budget. With as low as $400, you can get a desktop computer with a powerful system.

Check out these computers and their prices. The specs are quite attractive, and one doesn’t have to break a bank to get a high-performance computer.

Desktop computers have a variety of components that you can get in the market. Their availability has led to competitive prices for desktops. If you opt to buy the components separately, the price of the desktop lowers further.

Screen Size 

Depending on the purpose of your desktop, screen size is a factor you’d want to consider. A desktop monitor can be as large as 19 inches or more. A desktop computer further gives you the flexibility to connect it to a different monitor or TV.

You can also connect the desktop’s CPU to your projector for a home theater kind of experience.

If you’re wondering how to choose a computer, desktops give you the benefit of flexibility with screen size. With a laptop, size is out of the question as users often want something portable.

Ease of Repair 

With desktop computers, the repair is quite easy. The hardware is readily available in the market, and chances are you’ll find what you want in your first local computer shop. Finding replacement parts for laptops can be challenging, and you might need to consult the manufacturer.

Cons of Desktop Computers 

Despite the many notable benefits, desktops have their challenges. These are some of the cons that make one rethink about purchasing desktop computers:

Lack of Portability

Desktop computers are not portable. They have a separate monitor and are large, making it hard to take them from place to place. Desktops are ideal when used in a single location.

If you want to work while on the move, desktop computers don’t give you that convenience. It can be limiting if you’re going to work and travel. While you can still carry them along, they need a power supply, which further limits movement.


For minimalists, desktops can be an eyesore. The thought of giant monitor, towers, or wires to connect these parts isn’t intriguing.

On the other hand, laptops are all-in-one machines with a desirable appeal.

Assembling a Desktop Computer

Setting up your desktop needs extra time. Depending on your expertise, assembling the components of a desktop might be daunting. Connecting these parts doesn’t require technical experience; yet, it can be cumbersome, especially if you have an urgent task.

Laptop Computers

Laptops have become popular in the 21st century due to their convenience. Laptop computers are battery-powered. They are portable, and users can use them anywhere.

If you’re in a dilemma on whether to get a desktop vs a laptop computer, the pros and cons of these computers will guide you.

Pros of Laptop Computers

A recent report has projected that the global market size for laptops will grow by $7.52 billion within the next three years.

Here are some of the advantages that are making laptop computers increase in popularity.


Portability has made laptops more popular than desktop computers. Arguably, portability is the most significant difference between a desktop and a laptop. If you want to be using your computer anywhere, a laptop is the better option.

Laptops come in compact sizes and are lightweight. You can carry them in a case or backpack when in transit. Considering that you don’t need to keep your laptop plugged in for power, the battery further makes portability possible.

Ease of Assembly

Unlike desktops, laptops are easy to connect. You’ll only need to press the start button to have it up and running. It will take a few minutes to plug it in and switch it on to start running.

The components of a laptop, such as a touchpad and a keyboard, are pre-installed. You’ll get a finished product, meaning that you won’t waste time in its assembly.

Lower Power Use 

Laptops have a smaller frame. Their power consumption is, therefore, lower than that of a desktop computer. With a battery in place, you don’t always need to have your laptop plugged in.

If there’s a power outage, the laptop battery can save the day. You can complete a task with battery power or get adequate time to save your work.

Smaller Screen Size

Most laptops have a screen of about 10 to 17 inches. The small screens make portability possible. If you want a computer that can fit your bag on your way to class or job, a laptop is ideal.

Laptops can also allow connection to an external display. They support projectors or screens of any size, so you don’t have to feel limited with the screen size.

Cons of Laptop Computers

Laptops have their flaws, which you might have to weigh when comparing a desktop vs a laptop computer. Here are the top disadvantages of laptop computers that you need to know;

Laptops Are Expensive 

The cheapest Apple laptop you’re likely to get in the market today is MacBook Air M1 at $989.71. While you can get other cheaper versions, laptop computers are pricier than desktops operating in a similar capacity.

For a laptop with better graphics and high speed, you need to dig deeper in your pocket. The price can even exceed $1000. If you have a constrained budget, it would be more realistic to get a desktop with powerful features.

Performance Limitations

A laptop has a smaller physical frame, which limits the graphics capability that it can have. Some laptops provide higher graphics for CAD applications and gaming. These laptops are quite expensive and have power limitations.

You might have to upgrade your laptop for you to achieve some performance levels. Since you can’t swap components of a laptop as a DIY, you’ll need to consult with the manufacturer. In the end, you might find it cheaper to get a new laptop because the upgrades can be expensive.

Damage and Repair

Laptops are at a higher risk of damage since they are ever on the move. Repairing a laptop is costly because replacement parts are not readily available. You might need to call the manufacturer for spare parts.

There Is the Desktop Vs Laptop Computer Comparison

For a first-time buyer, choosing between a desktop and laptop computer can be a challenge. It is crucial to understand the features, pros, and cons of each before buying. Furthermore, you should define your needs to know which of the computers will address them in the best way possible.

Did you find this desktop vs laptop computer comparison helpful? Our site has a range of articles on technology. Keep exploring for more information!

Over the recent years, cybersecurity has become one of the significant threats in businesses. According to Gartner, it is estimated that the world’s expenses on cybersecurity will hit $133.7 billion by 2022. The procedures, techniques, and tactics the cyber attackers are using are getting sophisticated by the day. No wonder many companies are now outsourcing cybersecurity operations to Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

According to one May 2020 report by MarketsandMarkets, there will be an 8% annual growth in global spending on Managed Services. By 2025, the expenses will have surpassed $46 billion. The rise in the use of outsourced MSPs is an indicator that you ought to join the bandwagon if you haven’t already

Let us delve in more in-depth and tell you why you should outsource cybersecurity operations in your business.

Security specialists

Most businesses run on a stringent budget. If you are in the category of SMBs, you know that hiring in-house cybersecurity professionals can be expensive. Your IT team will also have other issues to fix and, meaning cybersecurity might just slip under the radar. This is where outsourcing expertise in cybersecurity operations comes in handy.

The outsourced experts monitor the security landscape often to protect your business. They will keep tabs on the latest tactics cybercriminals are using and defense approaches. They can detect threats, identify and close loopholes that cyber attackers can use to access your systems and network. In such a partnership, any form of attack on your business can be averted faster.


Again, the cost of hiring an in-house IT personnel is much higher than paying for outsourced cybersecurity operations. Your business will receive high protection levels and cut IT expenses on your books.

Bridge skills gap

From a study by Capgemini among companies in the UK, it was noted that in every ten organizations, seven face a gap in cybersecurity skills. Another report by New York Times estimated that there would be close to 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021 worldwide. In other words, there is a shortage of cybersecurity skills as the world evolves into the tech space. It could even be more challenging to hire an employee with the qualifications and experience in cybersecurity. Outsourcing cybersecurity operations is now the best way to bridge the skills gap in the market. MSPs have the expertise that many businesses can share to cut costs.

Exposure to emerging technologies

As technology is advancing, new devices pose more threats to systems and networks. Devices like computers, smartphones, and laptops are connected to a corporate network that needs assessment and monitoring for vulnerability. As a business owner, you may not afford to keep investing in new security tools as you grapple with your core business. This guide elaborates more on what you must know about what is a Managed Service Provider and how you can tap into their infrastructure for your business. You don’t need to spend a lot and harbour all the risks of ending up with obsolete infrastructure. Let a third-party handle that and get access to top-level technologies as they emerge.

Around the clock support

Cybercriminals can attack your systems and network at any time, leading to costly downtimes. Well, you need access to 24/7/365 protection to stay safe. You also need a guarantee that you can get back and up running should disaster strike. Hiring and training in-house IT experts to monitor your network is obviously not feasible for a business reliant on tech. Instead, you can outsource cybersecurity operations and get access around the clock cybersecurity support under proper Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Business compliance

Nowadays, there are many regulations on data and tech that every business should comply with. Failure to comply with data regulations like the GDPR, the PCI DSS, and more can attract fines and possible lawsuits. Well, outsourced cybersecurity providers will ensure that your business is compliant and on the right side of the law. It will help your business avoid costly lawsuits.

Educating your staff

A study conducted by IBM found that 95% of all the cybersecurity breaches that occur are attributed to human error. In this regard, you should train your employees on cybersecurity best practices. For example, they should be able to identify threats and prevent attacks. In this regard, outsourced cybersecurity operators will be of great benefit in instilling cybersecurity knowledge and skills in your team. This is another way to reduce the risks of data breaches in your business that could occur due to human error.

Wrap up

Cybersecurity requires a high level of skills and knowledge to identify and mitigate threats. Your in-house team may be top pros, but they may not be able to provide the necessary level of expertise in this domain. You are better off outsourcing cybersecurity operations to avoid the losses and the costly repercussions that a data breach can cause.

Are you familiar with this easy-to-access writing platform? If not, then it’s time to acknowledge why Content Fuel has become one of the most preferred platforms when it comes to adding relevant content to business websites. Nowadays, content writing has become one of the prevalent factors for serving the purposes of traffic engagement in small-medium-large scale enterprises. 

And at times, it becomes difficult to get a professional writer to explicitly write the service blogs or other contents. This is where Content Fuel, being a top-rated writing service platform mitigates the needs of the millions of entrepreneurs. With the help of this subscription-based service, you can get unlimited content and blog writing, within a stipulated time frame. With the emergence of this sort of SEO writing service platform, you don’t have to take up the hassle of recruiting a potential writer. 

Additionally, hiring an in-house writer or freelancer sometimes can bring in a lot of stress. But, when you are accessing Content Fuel, you don’t have to worry about anything. Content Fuel has deployed experienced and skilled writers who have immense knowledge and expertise in writing different forms of content. Mention the requirements and get immediate delivery of well-written, relevant, error and plagiarism free content. 

Unleash the Endless Possibilities through Content Fuel

Are you the owner of a renowned organization? Do you know how to bring perfection in writing? Well, even if you have a knack for writing, at times handling the organizational work including writing for your online service portal might become unmanageable. For instance, writing a 1000-1500-word blog genuinely takes approximately 2-3 hours. 

Additionally, when it comes to making it informative and creative, it requires experience and expertise in this niche. Thus, as an entrepreneur, your prime focus should be on publishing well-researched articles that will eventually catch the eyes of millions of readers. For this, Content Fuel, being a professional writing service portal, is providing content delivered by writers who sincerely undertake every writing project. 

Do you know that more than hundreds of blogs written by Content Fuel writers have acquired high traffic? Even, you might find their contents on Google’s first search result. Moreover, in this internet-driven world, without an online presence, it becomes impossible to sustain in the competitive market. 

So, if you are thinking of publishing a blog or any other content in your social media accounts, this SEO-friendly platform is the ultimate option for you. The associates follow a stringent process while hiring the writers so that you can get premium-quality content effortlessly. 

How Content Fuel can be Beneficial for Your E-Commerce Business?

Do you have an interest in obtaining service-related or promotional blogs from the writers of Content Fuel? Then, you have to undergo a few easy, simple and precise steps in this ghostwriting service. And, for that, simply submit your writing requirements, the subject, and the estimated time of accomplishing it. 

Simply, opt for a suitable content writing subscription to get regular content to establish a prolific online presence. On top of that, with the implementation of Content Fuel’s unique business model, you don’t have to fret over the writing part. Concentrate on the essential business works, attend important client meetings and become a reputable company with their outstanding contents. 

You must be wondering, there is something wrong with the product quality or the online services that you are offering to the customers. But, in reality, when a customer visits an online e-commerce site to buy their required products and does not get sufficient information, they promptly move to another site. This is where a writing service plays an imperative role in improving the business standard with high-quality content. 

Are you worried about the writing service cost of Content Fuel? It’s pretty affordable and available in three pricing tiers, for the convenience of the customers. So, if you have already created a business website, now it’s time to add a few more information about your company. 

The dedicated content writers of Content Fuel are always there to successfully serve your writing purposes. If you need to increase the site visibility, try out this writing service, this will definitely do the trick. 

Who can be Benefited using Content Fuel?

Content Fuel is one of the most recommended online portals to get an impeccable writing service. And, a broad spectrum organization can easily gain access to its blog writing subscription plans. So, if you are still in dilemma whether this platform is suitable for you or not, then here’s what you need to know in the first place:

  • Are you a blogger? Then, you must know that in order to generate high traffic and conversions in the blog or website, you have to continuously publish content. And, Content Fuel can ensure that, owing to their writer’s excellent content writing skills. 
  • Even for website owners, and on-time content writing service should be the ultimate requirement. So, if you want a high rank in the search engines, consider using Content Fuel right away. 
  • From a web copy, articles to eBooks, the writers involved in Content Fuel can meet every business-related need. Save money, time, and effort by just registering with this SEO-friendly platform. 

Are you planning to write a book but aren’t well-versed in writing? Then, let the writers of Content Fuel do that for you. Because only a professional writer has the capability to write about the outlined subject. Simply state your requirements to them and get a recognizable name across the world. 

Automate Content Writing through Content Fuel

For the past few years, Content Fuel is considered to be a one-stop-solution for resolving critical writing difficulties. Save up to thousands, every month, as Content Fuel offers exclusive service deals per month. Also, you can cancel the content writing subscription when you no longer need content for your requirements. Seems like a reasonable deal, right? So, if you are currently thinking of hiring a writing team for instant content delivery, hold that thought. 

Moreover, the writers engaged with Content Fuel thoroughly follow the SEO guidelines while writing an article. Starting from writing educational content, infographics, news report writing, social media-based content writing, Content Fuel knows how to deal with these.  

The SEO content team at Content Fuel implements the advanced SEO practices for the customer’s profit. Get a top-notched writing service and avail yourself the opportunity to get even 30-40 blogs per month, with a 20,000-word limit. 

And, the best part about this writing service is that the entire content writing process is performed under expert supervision. So, go to Content Fuel’s official site and choose an affordable membership plan now!

Graphic design is, undoubtedly, the centre of attraction for advertisements. Audiences can connect to the brand which shows off powerful graphic designs and hence, you can’t ignore this communication tool. Now, if you’re looking for a freelance graphic designer, then how about eyeing over Penji?

Penji offers on-demand graphic design services for businesses. Additionally, you need not search for a dedicated graphic designer for your high-quality graphic designing project. The service, itself, saves your money, effort and time. Let’s take a closer look at what Penji is, how it works and if it can help you. So, go through this brief review on Penji.

What is Penji?

Penji is a platform for realizing your on-demand graphic design at a flat monthly subscription charge. As the term, ‘on-demand’ suggests that you can avail graphic design services whenever you require them. The company would offer you unlimited graphic designs, with a reasonable turnaround time of forty-eight hours. 

The graphic design service provider has made things easier for you as you don’t have to spend bucks, as per every graphic design project. You have to pay a nominal monthly charge and that’s it. 

Background Story of Penji

Khai Tran and Johnathan Grzybowski are the two main founders of Penji, the on-demand graphic design company. The main motive of crafting the service is to make it feasible for business owners to find the right platform for a responsive graphic design. You can avail graphic design services from Penji, irrespective of your geological coordinate. And, hundreds of professional graphic designers are currently working under Penji.

How does it Work?

Whether it’s an urgent graphic design need or a dream project, you can trust Penji as your on-demand graphic design service provider. Penji welcomes worldwide businesses to grab graphic design service with its user-friendly interface. 

Here, you can send your requests to professional and experienced graphic designers on the platform. Additionally, you don’t have to accept all the generated graphics from them. Yes, you can add your imagination and demand to the graphic design service. You can ask the professionals to make changes to the existing designs. After that, you can review them. 

Here’s the process that you have to follow regarding the design process on Penji.

Share your Graphic Requirements

When you subscribe to any of the Penji plans, you are provided with the dashboard where you can communicate with the experts. Once you sign into the dashboard, you can mention your criteria behind the graphic design that you’re looking for. After you have specified your requirements, the interface systematically assigns your specifications to one of the designers on the platform.

You can Review the Design

From the moment you submit your design request to the graphic designer on Penji, you might have to wait for twenty-four to forty-eight hours to get the first design. It’s a draft and the professional would ask you if you need any change in the graphic design. If you require any changes, then you have to send it back for the re-evaluation process. 

However, the turnaround time from the designers is almost forty-eight hours. Well, it relies on the complications of the required graphic design. In the case of the revised graphic works, you can expect the final draft, within twelve to twenty-four hours.

Download the Graphic Designs

After multiple reviews, revision and incorporating suggestions, when the graphic design becomes apt for your task you can download it. Go to the dashboard and download them. You can provide your valuable feedback on the dashboard. Every feedback matters to the graphic designers on the platform. It helps in boosting their dedication and on-demand graphic design services for people like you.

Moreover, No Issues towards Copyright Restrictions

Because the graphic designers on Penji craft unique designs as per your demand. The templates and ideas are different for every user. Avail customized designs for your dedicated purposes only from Penji. Therefore, you can avoid copyright issues.

Who can Benefit from Penji?

As per the claim on the Penji platform, the on-demand graphic design service is for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Surprisingly, they are in partnership with Reebok. Let’s check out which organizations or businesses can join the platform.


In case, you have just begun your business journey, then you can attract audiences with powerful graphic designs from Penji. Be it your brand logo, web application design or business cards, Penji is there for you.

Agencies & Small Businesses

Promote your business or agency with unique graphic designs from Penji. Skip the tantrums of hiring freelance designers for your agencies and simply go for Penji.


Are you an influencer on social media platforms? Then, Penji is for you, too. Connect to your audiences with more relevant visual representations and images available on Penji. Whether you are a blogger or vlogger, make the first eye-catching impression with incredible graphic design service from Penji.

Available Services from Penji

So, what can you really ask for from the graphic designers on Penji? Here’s the complete list of services from Penji.

  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Web design
  • App design
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations customized
  • Business cards
  • Print items
  • Package design
  • T-shirt designs
  • Social media graphics

Plans Included under Penji

Penji has introduced three plans so far. Every plan acquires its own benefits and you can choose the most suitable one at a monthly price. Here are the plans for the users of Penji:

  • The plan named, Pro, allows two users at the same time. It assigns a Penji graphic designer and you can avail unlimited design and brand graphic design.
  • Render graphic design, UX/UI design and illustration with the Team plan from Penji. It handles five users, customized infographics, unlimited design options for apps and websites. 
  • The most expensive plan, Agency has got impeccable perks for an agency itself. Avail priority and 24/7 customer assistance along with unlimited graphic design requests and re-edit options from renowned designers on Penji with Agency. 

Moreover, every graphic design service plan of Penji is committed to offering you unlimited design, stock photography, brands and re-evaluation scopes. Penji offers a 15-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the outputs. Additionally, you need not sign any contract with them. In case, you don’t require service, you don’t have to pay for that month.

So, is Penji for you?

You can obviously sign up for Penji as it’s budget-friendly, commitment-free, and a responsible graphic design provider platform. The graphic designers would respond to you and your requirements within 48 hours. However, if you’re more into having constant guidance from a graphic designer, then Penji is not for you. It can’t provide graphic design services like what a hired designer does during a 9-to-5 job. 

Furthermore, you can communicate with the professionals through the dashboard and emails. Therefore, these are the factors that you need to keep in mind while deciding whether you need Penji or not. Otherwise, the highlighted pros of Penji makes it a reliable platform for meeting up graphic needs.

Staying safe on the internet should be a major priority for everyone with a technological device. When you go online, you open yourself up to all kinds of threats and predators.

Unfortunately, there’s not some big list out there that tells you all of the websites that you should and shouldn’t visit.

On the plus side, there are several internet safety tips that you can use in order to browse the web more safely. So keep on reading and we’ll show you everything that you need to know about avoiding risky websites.

  1. Use a Web Filter

A web filter is going to be the closest thing that you’ll get to a list of risky sites. However, instead of having to go through a whole list, the web filter software is just going to stop you from accessing those risky sites.

There are a lot of different web filters out there that you can download for free or pay for too. They’ll stop you and members of your family from going to any shady sites.

Most filters have varying levels of blocking power. So you can block all sites that appear to be unsafe or just certain kinds of sites, like gambling or adult sites. You can also block all sites that fall under a certain category that’s deemed dangerous.

In fact, the majority of search engines provide the option to avoid dangerous sites by turning on a “safe search.” For example, you can block certain search results with SafeSearch by Google. This feature works for all video and image searches, as well as general search content and even news.

Also, some DNS services will support web filters. They can be used through a router and help make sure that you avoid risky sites on the whole network. You can also use web filtering software on certain devices, like just on your computer or phone.

Some free and public DNS servers support web filtering to block porn, known malware sites, ads, and more

A lot of parents will use web filters to make sure that their children are only using sites that are appropriate for their ages. However, people of all ages should use web filters in order to make sure that they’re protected on the web.

  1. Don’t Guess the Address of a Website

This is one of the main ways in which people end up on risky websites. Scammers on the internet will buy domains that are very similar to popular websites. They’ll then fill these sites with spam in hopes of infecting people’s computers.

If you’re not totally sure about how to spell the URL for a website that you want to visit, then you should search for it with a reputable search engine.

If you happen to type in an incorrect URL, you’ll either end up on a non-existent site or a fake site. It can be very dangerous if you try to go to your bank’s website or an email account but end up at the wrong site. These fake sites might trick you into giving sensitive information if you think you’re on a legitimate page.

  1. Never Open Questionable Sites

If you’re in doubt, don’t click. If you get sent a URL in an email or text, even if it’s from an account you trust, you need to be very careful. If the link looks like it’s mainly composed of random letters and numbers, it’s probably a spam site.

Remember, your friends and coworkers can get hacked. Hackers can then send you fake sites, disguising themselves as your friends, and tricking you into getting spammed.

If you ever do end up on a site and it seems to be laggy or you get a general bad vibe, you should trust your instinct. Fake websites tend to be shoddily made by people who don’t really understand the local language and are just trying to cause you harm.

  1. If It’s Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Most of the time, good websites will offer regular content. This could include articles, videos, music, images, what have you.

However, some websites will offer you things that are either exceptional or illegal. If that’s the case, and it seems like they’re promising you something that’s too good to be true, then you should quickly exit the site.

For example, if a streaming site is offering to stream a movie that’s still in theaters, or isn’t even released yet, then you’re definitely on a dangerous site. These sites use illegal files and could contain viruses. Anywhere you click on the site could lead your computer to become infected.

If a website is letting you buy drugs or weapons without proper approval, then this is also a sketchy site and should be avoided. You should also never give personal or financial information to a site unless you absolutely know it’s legitimate and necessary.

The Importance of Knowing How to Avoid Risky Websites With This Internet Safety Tip Guide

Hopefully, after reading this internet safety tip guide, you now have a better idea of how to avoid risky websites. If you don’t avoid risky websites, you could end up compromising your devices and your personal information. You could even end up infecting your friends and family too.

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Did you know that Adobe Spark launched in the spring of 2016? This is a relatively new Adobe tool that many people are not aware of. If you are looking for some type of spark (pun intended) in your notes, you are in the perfect place. A sure way to get some attention is by using eye-catching memo templates and getting super creative.

Keep reading to learn everything you want to know about creating some fabulous memos.

  1. Details

When you first start using the memo templates in adobe Spark you will always have the same details to input including the to, from, date, and subject. With Adobe Spark you can arrange all of the information however you please, instead of leaving everything arranged on the left-hand side. Once you fill in the usual details you can add in a couple of paragraphs that start with your announcement and then follow up with the extra details.

Keep in mind that short and sweet is usually best when it comes to memos.

  1. Customizing Your Memo

Making your memo go with your mood or the mood you want to invoke is easy with Adobe Spark. There are plenty of different themes to explore where you can adjust the fonts and put them where they look best and make it easy to read.

If you are creating memos for your business there are plenty of fonts that will look and feel business appropriate and professional. Once you have your fonts and theme picked out and styled up it’s time to add some more spark.

  1. Adding Media

In the virtual world, you can not only add photos to your memos but you can also add videos. Videos are so powerful that using them to get your message across is never a bad idea. You have the choice of uploading your own personal videos or choosing from the many stock photos that Adobe Spark offers.

Adobe also has videos available but those you will have to pay for.

  1. Send Away

Once your memo is perfect in your eyes and you feel that the receiver will not only receive your message but appreciate it, it is time to share and send your memo away. You have the option of sharing via social media, copy and paste the link, or send it through email.

Remember your memo can communicate really important information to its recipients and you never want to forget about the person receiving it on the other end.

Ready to Get Creative With Your Memo Templates?

We hope that now that you have those creative juices flowing you can start using our memo templates to help inspire you as you write your next few memos. When Adobe spark was launched it was with bloggers, marketers, students, and small businesses in mind, so make sure that you are using this tool to your advantage.

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Laptops on the market today are divided into two categories: gaming and thin and light. They are targeted at different consumer groups. For most of the general office population, the role of thin and light in daily life is greater. It is easy to carry. It has attracted the attention and favor of many student groups.


There are two main categories of thin and light laptops. They are mainly based on whether they are equipped with a discrete graphics card. Thin and light laptop without discrete graphics card, thin and portable.

Battery life is also somewhat improved compared to other types. However, due to the limitations of the configuration. Its overall performance can only support daily office and other usage scenarios. And the thin and light type with the entry discrete graphics card. The performance of the graphics card has been improved compared to the thin and light models. Of course, the corresponding endurance will also be reduced. The performance of such a thin and light notebook product can basically play some online games. These games do not require high performance configuration.

There is a misconception about laptops. “Two laptops with the same configuration will have the same performance.” In fact, this notion is wrong. The performance of laptops cannot be judged on hardware configuration. Their cooling module cooling capacity and the manufacturer’s set down the frequency strategy and power strategy, and so on. These data will have a direct impact on the subsequent performance of the laptop. There is no shortage of “high-match low-energy” laptops on the market, and here is no example.

thin laptop

There is another misconception about laptop recommendations. That is to recommend the brand rather than the product. Forget about specific models and directly recommend the brand. Neither specific, and unconvincing. Moreover, the choice of a brand is not because of its specificity. It is more about the brand’s after-sales service. So, it is important to be discerning when choosing a buying channel. Avoid the problem of not being able to find customer service later. Then, you can consider purchasing the product from the brand’s official store. Guaranteed product quality and after-sales service quality. Why not?

In addition to the above points, there are some other features that consumers can focus on with laptops. It is the feature set that most laptops are not equipped with. The HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook Pro, for example. It is equipped with a multi-screen collaboration function. With this function, you can establish a connection between your HONOR smartphone and the MagicBook Pro. It is also possible to share the smartphone screen and files on the MagicBook Pro. By this function, the efficiency of the laptop can be greatly improved.

The above is some knowledge about thin and light notebook computers. Understanding can really be applied to practical applications.

Handyman is often known as house doctors, why? Because, they are a group of individuals, belonging to a certain organization, whose sole intention is to help you live at ease, by supporting you with major to minor home improvements. Their job basically includes repairs, painting, and renovation of both indoor and outdoor parts of your house. 

There is an enormous number of handyman services available in your city. But, you have to look for it carefully and choose the best one. Make sure they have the reputation of having good customer reviews. This will prove their level of experience of transforming your house and make it an aesthetic place to dwell in. 

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How to get a Reliable Handyman Service?

Well, it means that there are a few things that you should keep in mind before booking a handyman service. Choosing the best handyman contractors is one of the most important and difficult tasks. Additionally, you have to keep a list of work that you want to furbish. The list might contain various items like repairs, wear and tear, renovation, and others. So, you must ensure the warranty period for each task and the guarantee. 

The Working Process

Handyman services provide a huge variety of assistance. So, let’s check them out one by one. 

  • Pit maintenance
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical equipment repair
  • Doors and window framing
  • Installation of kitchen equipment and repairs 
  • Paint removal and repainting
  • Pest control
  • Plumbing items, repair and replacement and others 

So, you have to monitor whether your concern requires a replacement or repairs. Also, stay in contact with the organization, so that you can hire a quick or emergency service whenever required.

Home Improvements: Re-defined

Now, let’s get into the details of handyman services. With the help of these details, you will be able to know the generalized version of how the working and assisting procedures take place. 

1. Repair or Renovate your Bathroom 

Have you lately witnessed any type of cracks or holes in your bathroom? If yes, then it is the right time to hire a handyman. Tell them where the crack or holes occurred, and they will take care of the rest. They have the tools to fix the cracks, fix the tiles and even change the outlook of your bathroom. So, observe carefully and make sure that your problem is solved. 

2. Cleaning the Drainage System 

The drainage system is the only path through with waste and stagnant water is carried out from your house. If something is clogging the drainage system, then you will be in deep trouble. When you face this kind of problem, book a handyman service as soon as possible. They will use their sophisticated tools and equipment to wash out all the debris and dirt from the drains present in your home and unclog the system.

3. The Installation and Maintenance of Furniture 

Furniture is not only for comfort but also adds complement to your living space. That is why when you bring in a piece of new and expensive furniture, it is not at all possible to install it all alone. So, if they are quite heavy, then contact the handyman for the installation. Before proceeding to the work, let them know that the set of furniture is quite expensive, and they must handle them carefully. 

In the case of maintenance, make sure that they use a good cleaner. So, before starting the maintenance procedure, you must check their tools, as well as chemicals. In addition to that, you can even ask them to use a cleaner of your choice. After all, it’s your property and you must decide which suits them best.

4. Taking care of your Outdoor Environment 

Keeping your outdoor environment green will help you to maintain the ecological balance. It is a great initiative to take care of your health, as well as the surroundings. That is why keeping your environment clean and tidy is your sole responsibility. If any type of pests appears in your home environment, then you need to contact the handyman, they also offer pest control service. The best time will be the winter season. 

5. Renovation and Upgrades 

Walk through the house and observe carefully. There are some items present in your home that need upgrades as well as renovations. You have to make two lists- one list will contain the items of upgrades and the other will contain all the detailed information about the equipment upgrades. First, dispose of all the outdated items and replace them with a new one. Second, inform the handyman services regarding your renovation plan and leave it to them. They will make it happen. 

Benefits of Handyman Service 

Hiring handyman services can prove to be beneficial and add comfort to your daily life. It generally saves your time and effort. While the handyman is busy working for you, you can do your own essential tasks. On the other hand, they have experience in taking care of people’s property. In addition to that, you will also get a brief idea of their working process that will help you to hire them in the near future. 


After the entire work is done, observe closely and check whether everything is in order. If there is any fault, ask them to rectify it, then and there. Make the entire payment only when you are satisfied.