Dell laptops are usually reliable and don’t represent you with many errors. However, this error message ‘System battery voltage is low’ had been a headache for many Dell users. What started as an unusual error in Dell PCs, has now become a common one.

You must be aware with the BIOS that runs in the background while you boot or reboot your system. The BIOS interface initiates start-up programs and the Operating System as well. Hence, the booting issues could arise due to the error in BIOS. You could also face some major malfunctions as well. The low voltage error is a signal that BIOS send to indicate problems with a hardware component that is attached to the motherboard.

Usually, your BIOS battery causes this issue, and this error indicates that you need to replace it. Yes, you heard me right. BIOS runs on a separate particular battery that is attached to the motherboard.  And so, replacing this battery is not an easy task, it needs some technical experience that is related to the hardware.

However, this is not the only problem or the solution. In some cases, you might not need to change the BIOS battery. So, before you contact a technical expert for Dell Laptop Repair, try the below-mentioned solutions.

Dell Service Center Dubai

The Basic Solution

Before you launch yourself into a complicated world of solutions, try a few simple tricks that might work for you. Disconnect all the cables from your PC, including the power cord. Press and hold down the power button for ten seconds. Reconnect all the wires and turn on your system. See if the error is resolved.

If not, disconnect all the cables again and dismantle your PC. Take out the coin cell battery and hold down the power button for ten seconds. Now, reinsert the coin cell battery, assemble your laptop, connect the cords and turn it on. This should solve the issue.

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Reset / Update BIOS

Sometimes, due to the system malfunction in BIOS, it reports the low voltage error.  So, if you know how to access the BIOS, update it. Search the Default Options Entry in BIOS and in there, select factory default option or reset to the default option. Confirm the changes, save the options and then reboot your system.

You can update the BIOS in two ways. If your motherboard specification has the option, you can update it automatically within the BIOS. Or you can download the updates manually from the official website of Dell.

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Set up Date and Time in BIOS

Verify the date and time in BIOS and set it correctly if you are witnessing the low voltage battery error. This issue could be arising due to the mismatch in date and time. The system considers it a security breach and hence preventing you from logging it into the OS by showing you this error.

Check the Integrity of the Motherboard

Make sure that nothing is wrong with your motherboard components. See that the cables are properly connected and check the pins that are connecting the other hardware devices. Also, ensure that all the hardware parts of your Dell laptop are properly configured.

For doing this, you would need to disassemble your system. If you don’t know how to solve then you can opt for any of the best Dell Computer Repair Service. I too have the same problem but I contact the Dell Service Center Dubai for this purpose and they easily fix my all error issues.

Check the Regulators

Leaking the regulators will affect the working of the motherboard. And this might be interpreted as the voltage issue. Regulators memorize voltage data, and hence the actual system battery voltage is low can be caused due to the leaks.

Replace the BIOS Battery

Now that you have tried everything, and you are still facing the same issue while booting your system, it means you need to change the BIOS battery. If you disassemble the system, you will find a silver colored pill-shaped thing attached to the motherboard. That is your BIOS battery. If you can, then check the voltage of the battery. If the voltage is less than 2.8V, it won’t work.

However, even if after replacing the BIOS battery, the issue persists, then you can connect to Dell Service Center Dubai. If you are not in Dubai, you can connect with them online and their executives will guide you better in online also. Just go with their guides and solve your issues in no time.

Reports say that Pixel 5 is the next upcoming flagship phone from Google. Previously, Pixel 4a was the mid-range phone launched by Google in the month of August. Apart from Pixel 5, there are many other flagship phones that are going to release eventually. Regarding the latest Pixel device, there have been many rumours.

People who are interested in upgrading their old pixel device with the latest one will get impressive benefits. In addition to that, they will also be able to compare the previous Pixel phones with the latest one. 

Expected Price and Release Date

The expected date of Pixel 5 is on 30 September. Experts believe that it is a bit earlier than previously expected. This was because, in the previous month, 4a was launched. The pricing of the device is not known until now. 

Tech experts have suggested that as the pricing of Pixel 4 starts from $799 and 4XL from $899, so the Pixel 5 will be somewhat $100 to $150 more. Several rumours are looming around that the Pixel 5 will cost around $499. 

The Estimated Design

The design of Pixel 4 might inherit Pixel 5 with a limited number of changes. Unfortunately, Google has only shown the device from the side view only. That is why it is quite hard to imagine the view of the entire device. As the side view says, it comes with a brushed aluminium frame. The camera might be at the top of the left corner. 

At the back, along with the camera, there is also a fingerprint sensor. The rear camera might be dual for better picture quality than Pixel 4 and 4a. Several tech experts are saying that the device has the matt glass finish. But, Google showed something else. So, let’s see what happens after the official device release. 

The Display Details 

As Pixel 4 and 4a come with a 5.7 inch and 6.3-inch display, it is still unknown whether the Pixel 5 will come in the 6.3-inch display or a little bit bigger than that. The Pixel 4 devices have a 90 Hz display refresh rate. In addition to that, it also has OLED display panels and HDR support. 

Therefore, experts are believing that the display of Pixel 5 will be of 120 Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it might also have some additional display features that will compete with one of its competitors Samsung Galaxy S20. 

How about the Camera?

There is a high possibility that Pixel 5 will come with a triple rear camera. But, as per Google, there is no official news. It is expected that the device might have a telephoto lens with a pretty good zooming ability. Several rumours are also there about the camera like the night sight and the ability to take a photo of the stars. 

If this happens, then the device will revolutionize the entire mobile industry in terms of camera. Experts say that the rear camera might be of 12.2 Mega Pixels with 8 Mega Pixels at the front. In addition to that, it also might have a 0.5x wide-angle lens. 

The Technical Specifications 

The new Pixel 5 is expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SD765G Octa-Core processor. The volatile memory might be of 8 GigaBytes. There are still many doubts about charging. 

It is not yet confirmed by Google whether the device will come with fast charging or reverse charging. But, the device will support the 5G network without any doubt. The battery capacity might be of 4000 mAh as there is 2800 mAh in Pixel 4 and 3700 mAh in Pixel 4a.

Windows 10 comes with a collection of eye-catching features. The list includes animations, special effects, shadows, and others. When you buy a new computer, these aspects don’t affect your system performance. But, when the system starts working along with your desired jobs, the special features of the Operating System makes the computer a bit slower. 

Are you trying to speed up your laptop? Just relax because you can turn these features off to enhance the performance. There are various methods by which you can perform the turning off procedure. Not only, it will help you to increase your system performance but also resist attaching any kind of additional hardware. 

Best Methods to Accelerate your System Performance

Let’s get on to those methods that will help you in triggering your system performance. Make sure that you read and try to learn them correctly. 

1. Turn Off the Transparency Effects

Windows 10 has transparency effects. With the help of these effects, it gives you a great experience for the user interface. But, somehow, it also has major consequences. Sometimes, your system can slow down due to this reason as it consumes a large amount of volatile memory. So, you need to turn it off. 

Open the ‘Settings’ menu and access the ‘Personalization’ section. Then, choose ‘Colors’ and navigate the toggle button. After that, turn it off by clicking on it. It will turn off the Start menu, taskbar, and action center transparency. Close the dialogue box and you will find your system is not lagging anymore. 

2. Disable the Animation and Other Visual Effects

The presence of the animation also gives the user-interface a spectacular look. Thus, resulting in consuming a lot of memory, your system eventually slows down. The turning off process is easy. Click on the ‘Search’ bar and type “sysdm.cpl”. After pressing Enter, the system properties dialogue box opens. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and access the ‘Settings’ that is present in the ‘Performance’ area. 

You will see the huge list of animated effects with a checkbox present beside them. Untick the animated controls, animated windows, animations in the taskbar, fading of slide menus, tooltips, and menu items. In addition to that, you must also untick the shadow feature. After that, click on OK to save the changes.

3. Turn On Automatic Windows Maintenance 

It might not be possible for you to perform the system diagnostics. That is why Windows 10 has a built-in maintenance tool in it. It will scan your entire system performance. Moreover, it will also fix the errors automatically, so that your system can work at its peak. By default, there is a fixed time when the scanning and diagnosis will take place. 

You can also change the scanning time according to your need. When the exact time approaches, make sure that your computer is plugged in. Several computer experts suggest that you should run it every day. Apart from the automatic process, you can also run it manually. Access the ‘System and Security’ and then click on ‘Security and Maintenance’. From here you will be able to change the timing and also manually run it as well. 

4. Eliminate Malicious Objects 

When your PC is working slow, then there is a high possibility that your system has a virus. Adware and bloatware are those types of viruses that slow down any system. If you have any security software installed, then run a full system scan. 

In case, you don’t have any software installed, then Windows 10 has built-in security software and it is known as Windows Defender. Open the application and run a full scan of your system. This will take time to scan the entire PC. After detecting the virus, the application will eliminate the problem from the system.

5. Perform HDD Defragmentation 

When your secondary memory is running out of storage, the system will slow down eventually. That is why you can defragment your Hard Disk Drive. The defragmentation is actually the process of dividing each and every cluster of HDD sectors. When you store some files, the data is divided and stored into those clusters. This results in fewer memory usages. 

Thanks to Microsoft for creating a built-in defragmenter in Windows 10. Just type ‘defrag’ in the search box and then press Enter. When the defragmentation window appears, you need to select the drive that you want to defragment. Click on the desired drive and hit the Optimize button. 

In case, you want to defrag more than one disk drive, then hold the Ctrl key to select the drivers. Wait for some time until the task is complete. If you want to defragment your HDD automatically, then set a schedule and select a particular frequency. You can select daily, monthly, or weekly according to your preference. 

Finally, Restart your System… 

One of the common solutions that you can try if your system runs slow is to restart the device. Close all the applications that are running on your system. Click on the Start menu and click on ‘Power’. Then, you will see three options, simply click on ‘Restart’.

Facing issues with your laptop? Well, you are not the only one struggling to sort the RAM Errors out of their laptop devices. The major turbulence that happens to arrive is when the device runs too slow to process effectively. In that case, users keenly seek for the detailed fixes and upgrades that can get them out of the RAM issues. In other words, it takes a considerable amount of task to make the device function conveniently. In such cases, users also find it difficult to upgrade the memory left on the device. Thus, the issue is installing new memory on the concerned devices another major hassle that needs better solutions to make it vanish away.

Laptop Repair – Upgrade the Physical Memory

Upgrading or replacing the physical memory out of the RAM may seem an easy process. However, the truth is beyond it and requires an efficient processor requirement to upgrade the same. The modern memory requirements offer a good summation with equal analysis. In some cases, the user also requires to check for the resource monitor that can offer sufficient help with light browsing. Some users also require memory via laptop repair without using the virtual machines like that of photoshopping.

Laptop Repair

Usually, the power users with virtual machines that use heavy video or storage components require better memory power. Thus, they also remain in persistent need for better laptop repair services. The best, in this case, will be the 64-bit version with Windows that contain huge RAM capacity.

Upgrade RAM

You must be well known of the fact that the ideal kind of laptops and PC use RAM on different types of system side. Thus, in order to try to fix the things up, you will need to loosen up the screws by clasping the slots. After that, you just need to clasp the memory sticks from either side of the device. Remember not to ever force the RAM chips if it does not fit into the slot on its own. Also, the physical memory chip has its own slot and the respective size that can be entered into the machine in a particular way.

Post-Installation Requirements

The only major task once you have successfully entered the chip into the device is to restart it. For that, you will need to plug in the device and boot it up to spread the application out of the open files. In case the upgrade is extending more than 3 GB of RAM, you will need to avail a memory with at least a 64-bit version. Thus, reinstalling the entire system out from the scratch requires better resource and laptop repair service.

Post installation, users have also reported hearing the sound of a beep along with the inability to switch it on. In that case, one will need to reset the RAM by opening it back. This is to make sure that the memory chips and are properly installed into the system and the snugs are appropriate in each slot. Check if the issue is lingering continuously then it may be a reason for you accessing a bum chip. Thus, the mere replace and repair offering will not do any wonder if you can not get it sorted.

Things to Remember

Remember that you can not upgrade every component that is present on your laptop. This is the sole distinction from that of a computer as there exist removable parts unlike the soldered ones in case of laptops. One thing that you can do to get to know about the upgradable point is by simply checking for it in the manual section. In that case, you can look out for the system scanner tool that is an ideal tool for freeing up the undesirable space from your system. Also, make sure about the part that you are trying to upgrade. The basic parts of our laptop that you can upgrade are- ram modules, batteries, hard drives, and wireless cards. But, you must also make sure that none of these are the ones that are soldered components.

Ram Modules are one of the easiest arts out of the lot to upgrade. Thus, if you are facing the issue of upgrading, then you also have the option of looking out for Laptop Repair Services.

TomTom is a Dutch-based company which offers holistic services based on location. It has been in the industry for 27 years with its operations in 51 countries and is one of the pioneers who brought GPS Navigation System to the forefront. Tomtom is a major traffic and maps data provider to companies across the globe. The Dutch-based company has tie-ups with governments of various countries helping them establish proper traffic management system.

TomTom offers a wide range of products from GPS Navigation System for cars to wearable and fleet management system. It’s the fourth biggest GPS navigation company in the world.

Have a Pending TomTom Maps Update? Here are the steps:

  • Many users look for TomTom Map Update by Free Crack Software, but you should not use these workarounds as it can be malicious and may corrupt your device. Then you might be wondering how to update TomTom Maps update for free. Yes, you can do it through your PC.
  • For easy update process, TomTom has released a standalone application MyDrive Connect which lets you connect your TomTom device to the PC. At first, download the latest MyDrive Connect application on your PC.
  • After installing, just connect your TomTom navigation device and MyDrive Connect will automatically detect it. You no need to worry about drivers as the application installs all the required drivers in order to communicate with the navigation device.
  • Now log in to your TomTom account and it will show connected. If your device has an update pending, it will show you on the home screen. Go through the instructions and after the installation is done it will show completed. Now you are free to disconnect the device from your PC. You will be updated to the latest version.

Update TomTom Maps


Want TomTom Maps Downloaded on your Device for Offline Use?

There are times when you are not able to connect to the internet or WiFi is broken and you urgently need to use TomTom Maps. You can easily download TomTom Maps on your device for offline use. If you are visiting another country, it’s always better to download the map before the trip for a hassle-free experience.

  • Open MyDrive Connect application on your PC and connect your device.
  • Log in to your TomTom account and you will see your device connected.
  • Go to Tools, and you will find download maps option. Click on download map and it will ask you the location. Select the area and then TomTom Maps will be downloaded to your device for offline use.

What else TomTom offers?

  • Navigation Devices:

TomTom has a standalone navigation device which is used in cars and various vehicles. It uses GPS to track the location and for navigation purpose. A large display is always active to show correct navigation path with precise location. The device has an inbuilt speaker and microphone which can listen to your command and read aloud instructions while driving for a distraction-free ride. It also has a large battery capacity so that you never run out of battery. There is also an option to connect to the car charger.

  • Fitness Watches:

With the advancement of technology, it is necessary to have a good health. TomTom fitness watches are built to constantly monitor your steps, heart rate, and deep sleep through its embedded sensors. It tracks all your activities and alerts you frequently. You can also load songs and start working out without any hassle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TomTom:

TomTom devices are of great use be it health or general navigation. It helps you find destinations with accurate information. Because of holistic data analytics that goes in background, TomTom is able to intelligently guide you through shortest way and reach the destination before ETA.

The alert system under TomTom keeps the Maps updated all the time. If an accident or road blockage has been reported, it’s updated instantly in the system. That’s why you should never have a pending TomTom Maps Update. TomTom makes you aware of all the conditions either it’s road blockage or weather.

On the other hand, TomTom is a standalone device. Its primary feature is solely navigation and it can be limiting sometimes with respect to mobile phones. But mobile phones eat lots of resources while using GPS and heats beyond control. The battery of mobile phones gives up easily too.

For a hassle-free navigation system, TomTom does a great job with efficiency and precise information. You can update the TomTom map seamlessly through PC as well.

Sd Cards are a popular storage device for Mobile Phones and Digital Cameras. They come with limited capacity and hence getting full really easily. In such cases, you need to transfer the photos to another location and delete the ones you don’t want. In this process, you can accidentally end up deleting some important photos. If something like this has happened, or if you have lost your photos for some other reasons, you can use the following tools to recover the photos from your SD card or you can also take the help of some hard disk data Recovery or some data recovery computer services.

Any Data Recovery Pro

Developed by Tenorshare, it is one of the best data recovery software for SD card.  You can recover over 500 types of files using this program and has some most notable features like:

  • You can recover lost photos irrespective of the reasons they were lost.
  • For 100% success in recovering photos, it provides two different ways of recovery.
  • If you have formatted SD files accidentally, you can restore them as well.
  • If your SD card is defective or unreadable, or it has suffered formatted damage, you can recover photos in these conditions as well.
  • You can preview images before recovering.


Developed by Piriform,  the famous specialist in the field of data recovery. It offers many wonderful features like:

  • Un-deletion of files, including pictures.
  • Recovery of photos and other files from a damaged, formatted or corrupt SD card and other disks.
  • It offers a detailed scan facility.
  • You can also use inbuilt quick-start wizard for recovering photos and other files right away without going through the options.
  • It also comes in a portable version and with an extremely user-friendly interface.

Recover Photo's SD card

iCare Data Recovery

It is a risk-free data recovery software and can recover wide range files including photos. Strictly for Windows and doesn’t work on any other platform. It has some good features like:

  • Recovers many different file types including photos.
  • This works best in recovering photos from a corrupt SD card.
  • It is a read-only data recovery program making it safer to use.


It is a comprehensive and efficient software that can help you get back the data lost or damaged due to various reasons. Its features are:

  • It can work both in Windows and Mac.
  • Compatible with almost every kind of storage devices.
  • It can recover a wide variety of files types, including photos with added options.


This is one of the best available software for recovering photos from SD card. EaseUS is compatible with both on Windows and Mac. Some of its best features are:

  • You can recover files in just three simple steps
  • It supports many file types, including photos and even emails.
  • Multiple scanning methods- Quick scan for deleted photos and deep scan for formatted, inaccessible and lost photos.
  • You can also see the preview of the recovered photos before restoring them.
  • The scans are saved for the future use.

These are just 5 top tools for recovering your photos from your SD card. The market is flooded with such data recovery services and tools that you can use. You must always pick a tool that is credible and secure and feels easiest for you to use. Don’t just use the one that’s free or cheap. Taking the backup time and often is a good way to keep your photos and other data safe.

One of the most commonly used storage devices is HP memory cards. It is a light, reliable, compact and easy to use storage device. However, even after so many advantages, they are not immune to failures. They can be damaged, corrupted or you can delete the data by mistake. This scenario makes any user realize the need for HP Data Recovery. Before we begin talking about recovering the data in HP memory card, let’s first study all the scenarios that can make you lose the data from the card in the first place.

What Can Lead To Losing Data In HP Memory Card

There are a few incidents that can lead you to lose data from an HP memory card.

  1. If you accidentally format or reformat HP Memory Card.
  2. Use of unauthorized antivirus can remove the files without the authorization of the user.
  3. Any interruption while transferring files from HP memory card to another storage space using cut and paste command.
  4. Saving files on HP memory card while it lacks space.
  5. Unplugging the card without using eject option.
  6. Crashing of the memory card due to a corrupt media or a malware.

Recover Data From HP Memory Card

How To Recover Data?

There are a few data recovery software that comes in handy while recovering data from an HP memory card, be it SD, XD or CF. You can use them not only on Windows but also on Mac. The process is easy and efficient.

  • First, download the software from an authentic site and install it on your Windows or Mac. Now connect your memory card to your system. Launch the software and follow the instructions to initiate the recovery process. You will be given options, select the ones that suit your need. The software will scan the entire drive and display all the present drives. Select HP memory card from the options and click on Next. The software will scan the selected drive and will recover all the lost files. You can pick the ones you want back and choose where you want them. Click on the save button and you are done.
  • Make sure you pick software that is credible and secure. Always go through the reviews and referrals before you use a specific data recovery software. One wrong choice can lead you to lose that data along with many other issues. A wrong software can corrupt your entire system. There are many data recovery software on the market, and they come with a variety of options. Don’t be confused. Go for the one that’s user-friendly and easy to use. Whatever you, always remember that picking a right data recovery software is vital, not only for recovery the data but also for the safety of your storage device.

Summing Up

Losing a data is accidental, something you can’t avoid. But you can always take some precautions. If you face such situation, don’t panic. There is still a solution to any problem. All you have to do is find them.

Do you know the steps to run an email campaign for your company’s marketing strategy? Cannot determine whether your marketing strategy is working or not?

As for emails, nearly 269 emails are being sent to different end users for promotional attention. But before you run an email campaign you must be sure about its requirement.

email campaign

Here are the points which can help you to determine the need for the campaign:

  1. Have an idea about the goal for the campaigns. Email campaigns are always with a specific goal in mind.
  2. Your campaign can revolve around promotional, relational or transactional emails for business purposes.
  3. Target on the right audience for the promotion.

Start An Email Campaign Right!

Now when you have determined your aim with the target audience, get going with your campaign. Follow these tips for your right email campaign and know about how to proceed in the right way:

digital marketing

  1. The subject line plays a vital role. Based on that, users will either open the mail or delete it. So craft it in a way that can attract the attention of the users. Thus it will play the rest of the role in the right path. A subject line should be of 40 to 50 characters. So this will be short but compact.
  2. Accordingly, write the content or the body of the email. This would obviously make your email more important. Keep it short and don’t pitch it too early.
  3. Plan the entire process of the email marketing. Without proper planning, it can end up in a mess. So plan well before you start your email marketing. It also requires the follow-ups of the campaign that has been done. Reply to the queries that are sent which make the campaign successful.
  4. Keep options ready. If plan A fails to show up a successful result, move to plan B. Thus, you can also check out which is being most accepted by the users and the consumers. Also, the options are for your website too which can bring in more users.
  5. Finally, test and keep track. Send emails can be the basic and first step of the marketing. To get a successful result, you may have to get the data collected and improve it in every aspects. For improving the campaign you may follow the previous campaign experiences. That is a great way to start a new way out for your marketing campaign.

Wrap Up

Emails are the basic things now to start the marketing. But some rules have to be followed to start the email campaign.

email marketing

Without such things, it can be a total mess. Also, it is important to have a look through the email analytics fro particular service provider. They would tell you the number of email opened, deleted, unsubscribe or forward.

Thus a detailed view of the campaign can be received through this one. So, research about your previous campaign to start a new one.

E-commerce sites are now the most hypes sites over the Internet now. Most of the consumers are visiting these sites more often.  After all, few have the time to shop offline these days. Speaking of online shopping, Amazon has successfully carved out a position of high esteem. Similarly, Lite Internet Browser tends to smoothen the functionality of Amazon to a great extent.

The best thing about Amazon is that it is easy to use, convenient and also easily accessible. So to get the more consumer’s steps on the sites, it is required to have Lite Internet Browser.

lite internet browser

Do you know who has launched it for your service? Amazon, the Giant e-commerce site is concerned about its visitors and so launched such an app. They have launched the Lite Internet Web Browser, particularly for the Android devices. But why such a decision took so fast and quietly?

Why Did Amazon launch Lite Internet Browser?

Amazon claims they are concerned about their customers and happy to take care of them.  Also, they are fast and convenient to be accessed. The lite browser has been launched on Amazon in India.

They take up less storage. Thus they are good for your Smartphone too saving up the memory. Though the launch has not been officially announced by Amazon, yet till March it has nearly 1000 downloads done. The new browser is available over the Google play store easily.

Often we find it tough to make up the memory for so many apps. We find it tough to download music and videos which we like. So if any apps take up less space like this one, it’s a great news for the users.

lite browser

According to the research done, it takes up less space even less than 2 MB. Thus download takes less time too. Within seconds you can use it up. They are now catching up with the Google and Facebook.

This less storage is also helpful for those whose internet speed is very less. Even those who buy smaller data pack can use up these apps too. The browser is accessible on Android devices which are having a version of Android 5.0 or higher.

Additional Fact That You Must Know

Another important thing about this browser is that it does not ask for any private information. Thus it does not take any extra permission with your personal information. It is thus a step ahead of the other browser too.  When you are getting the Amazon app, check whether it supports the Lite Android Version.

Another thing is that the Lite Internet Browser supports the additional private tabs too. The homepage of the app is so designed that it can keep update you about many other things. They can be your favourite sports, latest cricket, news, or entertainment.


This company is not only the alone one to launch such sites. Even Facebook and Google has launched such site for better usability. So with such a browser, one can ensure the more user’s interaction with even short data packs of the internet or to speed up the internet.

Antivirus Scans are getting new concepts and idea every now and then. Now the new one has been announced by the Intel that brought some new innovation. Intel announced that the anti-virus technology that has been launched leverage GPUs and AI for detection and malware protection.Many users have claimed that updating their antivirus client software and virus definitions fixed the problem of the Avast service utilising a lot of CPU and other resources.

It has been termed as TDT or Intel Threat Detection technology. This particular concept has been combined with two different systems- one is for speeding up the scanning process while detecting the virus. The other one is to enhance the real-time threat detection in different data centers.

So they can help you in both the issues of system and make it perfect for operation.

antivirus scans

Know About The Entire Process Of Antivirus Scans

Let’s now have a look at the process of memory scanning along with antivirus scans. This is an integral part of the technology is also the most relevant part. It is being termed by the Intel as Accelerated Memory Scanning.

What Is Memory Scanning?

Memory scanning is a process that takes place while antivirus scans. It checks the suspicious links or patterns that can be a virus in the accessible memory. This technology actually catches the virus during its execution.

The scanning of the memory is actually the task of the CPU.  But Intel has transferred this process to the GPU. Thus it reduces the CPU’s task from 20% to 100%. Thus if the CPU is free, then you can use the system for various other purposes.

That does not require to stop the scanning process. That particular antivirus scan is being done by the GPU. So both the scanning and the fast system operation is being maintained. Isn’t it is a very good alternative from another scanning?

antivirus software

Now another best part of the antivirus scanning process is the real-time threat recognition by the AI. Though many consumers may find it less relevant, yet it is quite interesting.

Let’s have a detailed knowledge of it. This is being termed as Inter Advanced Platform telemetry. Mainly they are for the data centers and cloud computing related tasks. Analyzing the telemetry data of the operating computer is the main aim.

What Is Telemetry?

Telemetry is the number of data points that can be derived from the processor to know about the tasks. And AI can recognize such things in a better way out. This can be best done when you find the processor is not working perfectly. Thus that can be the first indication that they are executing malware.

malware antivirus scan

Intel Cares About Security Issue

Thus it is a great way to catch them and get rid of them. Intel is getting the security system more advanced and giving it a high majority too. They are not only thinking about the corporate but making the consumers happy too.

It is good for the consumers and corporations to know that Intel is bringing such changes to everyone.