Do you know your routers may help the hackers in an indirect way to hack?


It’s true that your routers might be the guilty one. But, don’t start accusing it right away. Let’s check how can a router help hacking?


Akamai is a cloud service provider and it is the biggest one. The security provider team has found out suddenly that the routers are being used for covering their tracks. Now the track which is visible is the router of the individual. The hacker is using universal plug in and play features to do so and covering the track easily.

Know How Routers Can Fall Prey To Hackers?

First of all, what is this Upnp?

UPnP allows the networked or connected devices to change the configuration of the router. Thus they are being controlled by the hacker but you are getting your hands dirty.

Your router’s configuration is being plugged in and used for the purpose. Thus, it veils the original tracking of the hacker. Similarly, cybercrime agencies or FBI are also unable to track the real culprits.

Akamai has discovered this that hackers are making secret pathways. Thus, they can successfully hide their criminal activities. The number that has been compromised with such things is roughly 65,000 routers. But that small number does not mean that it will not get bigger and worse.

In fact, there is a huge chance of getting this thing in a wide way out. So, let’s follow the old rule: Precaution is better than cure.

They are thinking that nearly 4.8 million routers are prone to such hacking through secret pathways. This includes 400 different models by 73 different manufacturers manufacturer may be like D-link, Belking, Asus or Netgear. So it’s high time to beware of such tasks.

hacking of routers

Replacement Is A Better Option!

Now, what can you do if you are having any of this models?

When a cybercriminal uses a router, they tend to set a proxy server. This proxy server would allow them to set up the connection and botnet traffic. This is being done through the home or office broadband link.

Besides this one launch of phishing, DDoS attacks, distribution of malware and controlling those malware and even hijacking users account can be some other ways for the cybercrime.

netgear router

You will not get aware at first. But when you will get aware of such things, the operation has already been done. But the most important thing is to avoid the routers of such vulnerable manufacturer and replace them. Check the vulnerable company announced by the Akamai’s.

Buy the one which is not on the list of the Akamai. They can at least save your router from such covered tracking of the router through the hackers.

So beware from the inception. It can bring you save you from the hacking and the hackers too which are the best option.

A printer is an important output device of the system. But while buying a printer, we sometimes get confused about its features. What will we look for while buying the Best Printer?

Well, there are hundreds of options with different features. But to choose the best printer among them requires knowledge about printers. Know about its different operating features which can give you different outputs. Then based on your particular requirement choose the one you need.

best printer

Let’s Check Out Reviews Of Printers To Attain The Best Printer

Here you will find reviews of some of the best printers has been provided by buyers. These will help you decide which printer is the best and trustworthy.

  1. Epson work Force WF-7110DTW is one of the best printers in this year. It has multiple pros like 2200 sheets with XXL cartridge option. The paper tray is expandable and straight through single sheet feed. It can easily handle the A3 size paper print thus it can be termed as an all- in –one printer with extra features. Many users consider this as the fastest inkjet printer of 2018.
  2. Canon Pixma TS6050 is a twin paper tray which is very convenient to use. It also gives you the decent quality of the prints. It is also an all in one printer within an affordable price range. Along with great speed and printing quality, you will enjoy the printer within a reasonable budget. These features make Canon Pixma the best printer for anyone looking for budget-friendly printers.

epson printer

  1. HP color laserjet pro is a duplex printer with color touchscreen. The main feature of this printer is that it is having a USB socket at the top panel. Though it may not be the cheapest one yet it is one of the best assets you can have as a printer. This printer is having the multipurpose paper feed and quietly prints everything. The quality of the print is excellent and solid colors are bright enough to get accurate printing. Though it can have a limited paper tray, yet other attractive features has overcome this con.
  2. Brother MFC J4620DW is also another printer with a lot of features. The key features of such printer are the single A3 print, duplex print, 93mm touchscreen, 22ppm mono speed, NFC device connection. Though this printer works with a bit of sound, that particular sound prevents any paper jams. It can be connected to the online storage without even a PC. It is also having 20-page automatic document feeders which makes it special form others. Thus this can be also being a parallel buy instead of the HP one.

canon printer

Wrap Up

So you get a lot of options to buy the Best Printer. Check out the price at any online store. The list includes all budget printers-from low one to higher one.

So, it will not be a problem for anyone to get the reviews about any of them. What are you waiting for? Make your decision and enjoy the best printer with its perfect functioning.

Are you still following the old marketing rules? Well, that can be the point which is not bringing in enough profit to your online business. With the technology advancement, the concepts of everything changes around us. Similarly, Email Marketing is dominating the world of digital marketing for businesses of various niches.

email marketing

Things To Keep In Mind In Email Marketing

Emails are the perfect way to start the marketing procedure. Email Marketing, if done right, can breakthrough new products and launches. In fact, you’ll not need any other method to promote your business. Quite unbelievable, but true.

But email marketing, too, needs some rules to be followed.

Without such rules, your email can be considered as unprofessional.  As for marketing strategies, it is better to set rules and then proceed. That would surely help to get the right way through the research as well.

Here we have shared some of such rules which can be useful in these kinds of strategies. Check the practicality of these process and follow them for the upgraded strategies of email marketing.

online marketing

The List Is As Follows:

  1. You should always challenge the words which are on the never use list. But keep in mind that the words should not spam your mail. Thus this would surely help to notice the email that you are sending even if that’s a promotional one.
  2. Many say that buying email list will not work. But then how can you get so many emails out of your reach. Buy the email’s list and send them the promotional emails. Then check them out which one is getting the best feedback. This method will get the best emails which are responding few processes.
  3. Most of the rules say that the promotional emails should be sent in the mid weeks. Well, there is a reason behind such rule. Often the starting of the week gets a busy schedule, when people have time to check the unnecessary emails.
  4. In the mid week, customers often check the emails in spare time. But that does not mean that you should not send them. What if you send them when others are not sending? May be any one can open and read it. So don’t wait for the mid weeks.

digital marketing

  1. Keep the unsubscribe button obvious on the emails. Look how people are reacting to your emails based on the unsubsciption. Then you can make necessary changes based on it. The content in your mail body plays a pivotal role in Email Marketing.
  2. Check the spelling of the emails that you are sending. Common errors should be taken care of. Otherwise, it may look a bit unprofessional. But some may also tell you why not make some mistakes in order to seek the attention of the reader.
  3. Give some gaps between your email frequencies. Don’t send them too frequently.
  4. Keep in mind not to send the ugly emails to your clients. That can bring a bad impression and surely they would unsubscribe you for such an emails.

Tired of typing password at every login? Well, it’s a tough task to remember the passwords too.  What will happen if the world is free of any passwords in spite of having highly secured? How about the Finger Print Technology?

That might not be a dream now. Technology thought about this matter and got up a new world in front of us. Amidst of every stress and tension, they have lightened up our stress of remembering passwords and pins.

finger print technology

Who has brought the alternative for us?

It’s Huawei, who has brought a convenient way to be safer and easier. The Finger Print Technology is used instead of the passwords.

So throw out your password and pin numbers into the recycle bin and start using your fingers instead.

Now think of the life when you are not tapping passwords while unlocking your phone, withdrawing money from ATMs or doing banking tasks with your fingerprint only. No passwords. No conflict. Instead, use your finger and get all things done at your fingertips.

Finger Print Technology – How Powerful Is It?

Finger Print Technology is what we call this generally. But, it is known as the biometric security. The biometric security is popularized lately. Nearly 525 million smart phones are having the finger print technology. It can just use your fingerprints to unlock your desired app or software as many time as you want to.

This technology has not only being taken by the Huawei but also by other techs. So, there is a lot of competition. But we mentioned the former name as it brought a lot of advancement in this particular technology.

Biometric security

It has brought some different things that have made this technology more interesting. The sensors offered by the Huawei are much faster than the other techs. So naturally, it becomes first in the list to be adopted by the tech companies.

Besides advancements in technology, they are more accurate than any other one. Even if you are touching it with wet hands it can open easily. So it is more accurate than any other smartphone which is using this technology.

One of the Huawei representatives commented, “for everyday use, the technology has to be lightning fast, easy to use and reliable for everyday use”.

They have researched on the technology for many years and have brought to use the new fine Finger Print Technology. So now they have got anew ay to make their consumers happy and excited about using the daily using devices.

technology updates on hacking

Why Prefer Huawei For Such Technology?

Huawei has launched this technology to make us ready for a password-free future. Huawei has made the dream into reality and has made it a new way to enjoy the smartphones. Tapping passwords every time you unlock the phone is now backdated. Instead get the right way of getting smart. Use the finger print technology to be fast and convenient.

So next time when you are buying smartphones remember to have this finger print technology. They are convenient and fast for everyday use without passwords.

Are you aware of the warning given by UK and US intelligence agencies? If not then it is something to worry about. Home Router Hacking is now one of the most fearsome Cybercrime.

People have already stopped using computer accessories which can be a big threat to cyber attacks. These operations are being done by agencies in Russia. It has been informed by the governance that secret operation is being run by the Russian agencies.

How do they do it?

They are just putting malware into the routers and Home Router Hacking is just as quick as the drop of a hat.

home router hacking

Home Router Hacking – How Is It Done?

So your router is literally being hacked. And Russia has targeted some people consider it a colossal hacking procedure. Home Router Hacking includes an uncountable number of devices over vast regions of US and UK.

The accessories’ list includes routers, switches, firewalls and even network intrusion are targeted in such operations. Most importantly, the list also includes small and large offices along with home Internet connections.

So this means that nobody is safe from these Russian hackers in any way out.

According to the FBI and other internet security agencies, this operation has been going on since the year 2015.

router hacking

But why are the routers considered the target of the internet security issues?

Speaking of security, routers are the most vulnerable devices. This is due to the reason that they are most often left unpatched. Moreover, unencrypted protocols or even a weak default setting can lead to home router hacking.

These things make the routers more prone to the Home Router Hacking. Moreover, Russian hackers do not need anything special to hack them. Routers involve the maximum amount of traffic and that makes it prone to the hacking much more than others.

Who will be next? You never know

Now, Who Can Be The Victim Of Hackers?

Well, that can be anyone, you, I or anybody else too. Everyone is on the front line now. This is only because of the vulnerabilities that we are always looking for. The more vulnerable we are, more prone to the hacking operation.

And this aim makes the router as the softest targets among all. Stealing of data, redirecting of traffic, replacing of pages or elements are some of the things that can be easily done. The most important aspect of Home Router Hacking is that it is done without the notice of the router’s owner.

hacking router

So victims are not aware that they are being hacked while working.

So they are working in a new way which took the agencies and intelligence bureau some time to recognize. Thus, you never know whether your system is hacked or not. So it is better to stop or make minimal use of the accessories which can lead to the way of the internet access.

Many technological devices that have come to the world and it has affected our lives in the most positive way possible. Similarly, the Best Routers and Servers have also made our life easier in many ways.

Most importantly, Routers and Servers let us enjoy high-speed Internet at our ease. But, just like anything else in the market, the internet routers also have their classifications set. If you want to enjoy the best services of a router, you need to choose the Best Routers and Servers with care and knowledge.

best routers

But the question is: How would you know that a router is great in all the possible ways?

Have you ever heard of Business Awards? Well, the business awards can be an assurance that you would not want to let go of.

In case you own a small business, you must know that which routers can affect your business in the most effective way. So let us help you understand about the few best router that you can purchase in the year of 2018.

Best Routers For 2018

Speaking of Best Routers, the business routers of Netgear are one of a kind. Owing to the top-notch popularity and reviews of Netgear, it is trustworthy and lives up to its promises of high-end product quality.

netgear routers

The very next big name when it comes to the routers definitely is Cisco. Cisco is into gadget making for so many years now and it has provided some of the best gadgets that you can come across with.

The routers are no different. The quality of the service that these routers provide you with is simply exceptional. In order to make sure that you are selecting the right you must know about the best router in the first place.

cisco routers

Asus has managed to acquire the position of the first best router in the business edition of the Year 2018. Asus is definitely one of the best companies when it comes to various Gadgets and devices that people use in their daily life. This is exactly why the routers that they have made has also not surprised the people with the excellence that they provide.

In the year of 2016, we saw Asus soaring high and coming first in this category. Unfortunately, in the very next year, it managed to lose a position or two because it could not hold onto the attention of the people for much longer but this year again it is back with a bang because people understood that without it they cannot do.

asus router

Wrap Up

In case you have a business and you are planning to buy a business router you must always check with the best before giving it a try. This year Asus clearly seems to be your winner and in case you are not satisfied with it, you can always go for Cisco on Netgear as well.

If you have a business or you are an email marketer, then you must understand that there are various things you must know and be aware of the same. For instance, have you ever heard of the term CTR or Click Through Rates?

Well, one of the most necessary things in email marketing is the click-through rates. Understanding the email click-through rate through and through will help you understand whether the purpose of your email is served at the right place or not.

click through rates

The click-through rates help you understand your position in the field of email marketing. It helps you determine that whether or not your customer is interested in the first place. The Click through rates can be easily taken as something that is very important in the email marketing business.

Let us understand more about it.

Click Through Rates – An Overview

If you are into email marketing then you must understand that clicking on the link by the consumers, provided in the mail is really important for you. Most importantly, if your customers aren’t clicking on the link, how will they know what the promotion is for!

If none of your customers click your link, it is mandatory that you change your marketing strategy. You need to make sure that customers find interest in whatever you’re marketing for.

Otherwise, it decreases your click-through rate as well. Understanding various things can impact help you make sure that you know how to increase your Click Through Rates.

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Things To Understand

keep the following things in mind to increase your click through rates:

  • The Point Of View

Perspective is something that makes each human different from the other. When it comes to the subscriber’s perception and is compared to the marketers wants then, of course, there is a huge difference that comes out of it.

The marketer believes in email marketing and sends email because he wants some return on the investment. For the consumers, it is all about the discounts and how it can please them visually in the first place. Also, it has to look exceptionally original and not fake at all.

email marketing

  • An Opportunity To Connect

Most of these emails often do not feature the addresses where the reply can be sent. This is a completely Red flag to the consumer and they may absolutely avoid using any products from the email providers at all.

So, it is one thing that people must be aware of. The consumers must be able to contact you through the email addresses. This is exactly why the no reply email addresses must be avoided in the first place.

  • Personalizing The Emails

Nobody wants to be addressed with the common crowd. Everybody wants to be treated exceptionally and uniquely different from each other. And this is certainly something that people must be aware of completely no matter what.

The personalization and shows that the consumers really feel good about themselves and therefore try and click on through the link in the first place.

digital marketing news

All these are exceptionally important in ensuring that you are getting through with an improved click-through rate.