Can You Really Run Your Startup From Your Smartphone?

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With stronger power to compute, smartphones have emerged as a strong tool for enterprise management. Here’s how to leverage the power of a smartphone to keep your business running smoothly.

The smartphone market in the United States is one of the world’s largest, with more than 260 million smartphone users. In line with the overall growth of the smartphone market worldwide, the smartphone penetration rate in the United States has continuously risen over the past ten to fifteen years to more than 80% today.  The revenue from smartphone sales has also grown over this time period with annual sales reaching more than 70 billion U.S. dollars.

The advent of smartphones has completely revolutionized the market today. The users today are increasingly connected to the world of digital information while “on the go” via smartphones and other mobile devices. No wonder, smartphones have become an important part of our lives today. What if you were asked to ditch your business laptop for a smartphone.

Can you run your business from a Smartphone? Today, mobile technology has grown so advanced that an entrepreneur or a startup owner can now run their business on smartphone apps. With the advent of smartphones in the market, companies now think that it’s doable with web & mobile apps. For instance, Sapho’s Micro App Platform manages the complete enterprise systems. It identifies important business events and makes changes so that employees can work from their mobile devices easily.

Here are 5 alluring tips for running a business via a smartphone. Let’s read further to know more on how you can run a business from a Smartphone.

Download Apps You Can Use Across Platforms!

Downloading apps that you can use across platforms is how you can run a business from a Smartphone. Several office staples have smartphone versions of their apps, including Office 365, Google’s G Suite, and collaboration tools like Slack.

Using these mobile-friendly options allow you to work on the go and see the changes automatically reflected on desktop versions. Moreover, you can use collaboration apps to stay connected and available.

When downloading apps for smartphones, look for ones that have a desktop version so that you can access notes or documents across platforms.

Keep Your Setup Simple!

Let’s continue our discussion on – “How to run a business from a smartphone?” There are a number of apps available in the market today that offer ways to improve your workflow and increase efficiency, but it is best to keep your phone simple.

“Know what you need, and don’t download more than that. Most executives want to install a variety of apps to solve a variety of problems, but this often makes working from your phone difficult and confusing”, said Jeff Miller, co-founder of AE Home Group.

Using fewer apps ensures that there would be fewer distractions which will help you manage your work more efficiently.

Utilize Voice Technology!

Whether you have Siri or another voice assistant, use it to accomplish small tasks. “Use voice dictation to respond to emails”, said Alexander Lowry, executive director of the master of science in financial analysis program at Gordon College.

“Once I realized I could essentially just talk to respond to emails, I found myself spending less time with my laptop,” Lowry said. “The reality is that I can speak a lot faster than I write”, Lowry added further.

The use of voice assistants helps accomplish tasks at a faster rate. There are several tasks that you can perform more conveniently than on a laptop. I am sure this time when someone asks you, “Can you run your business from a Smartphone”, the answer would definitely be yes.

Link Your Business Email to Your Phone!

Here is more on how to run a business from a smartphone. Linking your business email to your phone is one of the most important tips for running a business via a Smartphone.

You may not be allowed this due to security issues, but link your business email to your phone if it’s possible. This helps you to answer quick emails during downtime and also helps to keep your inbox clear.

“I know it can be annoying at times but having your email keeps you present and on top of what’s going on in your business,” Sharlrita Deloatch, BossWomen Elite founder, said.

Optimize Your Home Screen!

Still wondering how can you run a business from a smartphone? If you wish to manage your business through a smartphone, then it’s important that you optimize your home screen. Place the apps you use very often right at the home screen. This would help manage your work more efficiently.

Organize your apps so that your home screen holds the apps you use the most, Todd Greene”, CEO of PubNub, said. The most important ones should go in your dock, and then the rest can be on your first page.

Keeping social media and other non-work apps off of the home screen could help increase productivity and avoid unnecessary distractions. Removing these would allow you to work efficiently because you may be less likely to tap on them aimlessly.

Final Word

These are 5 important tips for running a business via a Smartphone. With faster speeds, stronger computation power, and more work being done in the cloud, working from a smartphone is now a reality for many businesses. The latest advancements in smartphones allow business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their work while on the go.

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