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With renowned e-commerce brands in the market, it is tough to get organic traffic on your e-commerce website. One needs to get their e-commerce marketing strategies right on point in Search Engine Optimization for sustenance in the competitive market.

From the point of attaining a visitor to the process of retaining them and making them stay as your loyal customer, SEO for an e-commerce website is not a cakewalk at all.

So, to help you crack the marketing puzzle for E-commerce Business, avail the below-given step by step guide in your SEO Services.

Site Structure

The site structure of any e-commerce website is the foundation of SEO strategy. Without it, the bounce rate can increase, as the visitor can get confused on your website without it.

Google doesn’t like if the bounce rate is high on your website and can, in turn, drop down the ranking of your website.

SSL certificate: Website Security

You need to make a trustable bond with your customer that is showcased to them when you have HTTPS:// in the address of your website. It improves the SEO of the website and is trusted by Google.

Website Security


Lightning Page Load Speed

To ensure a smooth customer experience and more conversion rate, make sure that the page load time on your website is as low as possible. It would help in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

Page Load Speed


Compelling Meta Descriptions

The first thing that a user reads about your brand is the meta description of your website. Make sure that the content is engaging as it is responsible for affecting the click-through rate on your website directly. It will help you get more organic traffic on your website.

301 Redirect

Pay attention to any expired or out of stock product on your website for which you can use the 301 redirect to transfer all the search engine optimization value to a new page and won’t harm the traffic.

Compress The Image

E-commerce websites are stuffed with tons of images that can make the page or the entire website heavy. Ensure that this does not affect the loading time of your website, make sure that you compress the images without compromising the quality.

Implement Long-tail Keywords

With the number of 20000 organic searches in the form of long-tail keywords, it is an effective way to drive traffic to your e-commerce store and increase your revenue.

From the below image, the high conversion rate associated with the long-tail keywords can be understood. These are low-cost keywords and have a high probability of conversion. It makes them highly SEO-oriented and beneficial to use in marketing strategies.

Long-tail Keywords


No Selling On The Homepage

This practice helps in decreasing the bounce rate on your website. No visitor would like to get bombarded with tons of items that may not interest them. You can start by offering some good suggestions on your homepage before the selling process, to earn the interest of the people.



Create Urgency

Make sure to offer some inducing countdowns on products so that the user gets compelled to enter the buying cycle. Include phrases like 5 days to go or a few left to attract the users to your e-Commerce Store.

Utilize Free Option

Consumers tend to purchase an item more likely in the case when they are offered something free along with that or a bit discounted. Including phrases like free shipping and sale can help you get more consumers.

Informative Product Description

Curate rich content while describing the products listed on your e-commerce store so that Google can also thank you for the same. High-quality content on your e-commerce store also drives organic traffic to the same.

Feature User Content

A person is more likely to make a purchase from your e-commerce platform influenced by the reviews and recommendations. By featuring your user-generated content, you can also showcase your customers that look forward to catering them a happy shopping experience.

content loop


Video Content

Increase the engagement time and conversion rate on your website by posting the video content of your product as a demo. It will help the visitor get an idea about the product and compare them to make a purchase.

List On Amazon

While running an e-commerce store, do list your products on amazon and link them back to your website. This practice is vital as almost 38% of product searches happen on Amazon.

Review From Popular Bloggers

For exceptional brand awareness, you can contact famous bloggers in your product niche to review your products. It will help you get access to their loyal customer base that may help you attract at least half of them in one go for a sale.

Start An Affiliate Program!

Invite bloggers to write and promote your products under your affiliate program, which will increase sales, site backlinks, ranking, and more.

affiliate marketing


Go Local

If you are a local business, you can utilize the opportunity to focus more on local Search Engine Optimization and keywords that use phrases like near me or near (any local location). It will help you get access to potential customers located close to your business.

Post Unbiased Review Content

Instead of blatantly promoting your products, curate content that will acknowledge the buyer that which of your products would suit them the best. This tactic will impress the buyer for your efforts showcased in helping them choose the right product.

Products Related Content

Running an e-commerce store and not having a block section is like losing tons of traffic to your competitors. Make sure that you construct a small block page for your e-commerce store in which you can help your customers with queries like holiday gift guides, shoe selection, skincare products selection, and many more likewise. It will help in collecting traffic on your block cost and diverting it straight to your product page.

The above-listed SEO tips are like magic beans to any SEO agency or professional. These are easy to start with and can create a major difference in your website sale cycle. Try and test it yourself!

Author Bio:

Rajesh Bhimani is the Founder of Skynet Technologies, a Website Design, and Development Agency. He has 20 years of experience in the Technology and Marketing industry. When he isn’t working, you can find him cooking for his family or reading some fiction. You can connect with him on Twitter.