Reports say that Pixel 5 is the next upcoming flagship phone from Google. Previously, Pixel 4a was the mid-range phone launched by Google in the month of August. Apart from Pixel 5, there are many other flagship phones that are going to release eventually. Regarding the latest Pixel device, there have been many rumours.

People who are interested in upgrading their old pixel device with the latest one will get impressive benefits. In addition to that, they will also be able to compare the previous Pixel phones with the latest one. 

Expected Price and Release Date

The expected date of Pixel 5 is on 30 September. Experts believe that it is a bit earlier than previously expected. This was because, in the previous month, 4a was launched. The pricing of the device is not known until now. 

Tech experts have suggested that as the pricing of Pixel 4 starts from $799 and 4XL from $899, so the Pixel 5 will be somewhat $100 to $150 more. Several rumours are looming around that the Pixel 5 will cost around $499. 

The Estimated Design

The design of Pixel 4 might inherit Pixel 5 with a limited number of changes. Unfortunately, Google has only shown the device from the side view only. That is why it is quite hard to imagine the view of the entire device. As the side view says, it comes with a brushed aluminium frame. The camera might be at the top of the left corner. 

At the back, along with the camera, there is also a fingerprint sensor. The rear camera might be dual for better picture quality than Pixel 4 and 4a. Several tech experts are saying that the device has the matt glass finish. But, Google showed something else. So, let’s see what happens after the official device release. 

The Display Details 

As Pixel 4 and 4a come with a 5.7 inch and 6.3-inch display, it is still unknown whether the Pixel 5 will come in the 6.3-inch display or a little bit bigger than that. The Pixel 4 devices have a 90 Hz display refresh rate. In addition to that, it also has OLED display panels and HDR support. 

Therefore, experts are believing that the display of Pixel 5 will be of 120 Hz refresh rate. Moreover, it might also have some additional display features that will compete with one of its competitors Samsung Galaxy S20. 

How about the Camera?

There is a high possibility that Pixel 5 will come with a triple rear camera. But, as per Google, there is no official news. It is expected that the device might have a telephoto lens with a pretty good zooming ability. Several rumours are also there about the camera like the night sight and the ability to take a photo of the stars. 

If this happens, then the device will revolutionize the entire mobile industry in terms of camera. Experts say that the rear camera might be of 12.2 Mega Pixels with 8 Mega Pixels at the front. In addition to that, it also might have a 0.5x wide-angle lens. 

The Technical Specifications 

The new Pixel 5 is expected to come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SD765G Octa-Core processor. The volatile memory might be of 8 GigaBytes. There are still many doubts about charging. 

It is not yet confirmed by Google whether the device will come with fast charging or reverse charging. But, the device will support the 5G network without any doubt. The battery capacity might be of 4000 mAh as there is 2800 mAh in Pixel 4 and 3700 mAh in Pixel 4a.