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Did you know that Adobe Spark launched in the spring of 2016? This is a relatively new Adobe tool that many people are not aware of. If you are looking for some type of spark (pun intended) in your notes, you are in the perfect place. A sure way to get some attention is by using eye-catching memo templates and getting super creative.

Keep reading to learn everything you want to know about creating some fabulous memos.

  1. Details

When you first start using the memo templates in adobe Spark you will always have the same details to input including the to, from, date, and subject. With Adobe Spark you can arrange all of the information however you please, instead of leaving everything arranged on the left-hand side. Once you fill in the usual details you can add in a couple of paragraphs that start with your announcement and then follow up with the extra details.

Keep in mind that short and sweet is usually best when it comes to memos.

  1. Customizing Your Memo

Making your memo go with your mood or the mood you want to invoke is easy with Adobe Spark. There are plenty of different themes to explore where you can adjust the fonts and put them where they look best and make it easy to read.

If you are creating memos for your business there are plenty of fonts that will look and feel business appropriate and professional. Once you have your fonts and theme picked out and styled up it’s time to add some more spark.

  1. Adding Media

In the virtual world, you can not only add photos to your memos but you can also add videos. Videos are so powerful that using them to get your message across is never a bad idea. You have the choice of uploading your own personal videos or choosing from the many stock photos that Adobe Spark offers.

Adobe also has videos available but those you will have to pay for.

  1. Send Away

Once your memo is perfect in your eyes and you feel that the receiver will not only receive your message but appreciate it, it is time to share and send your memo away. You have the option of sharing via social media, copy and paste the link, or send it through email.

Remember your memo can communicate really important information to its recipients and you never want to forget about the person receiving it on the other end.

Ready to Get Creative With Your Memo Templates?

We hope that now that you have those creative juices flowing you can start using our memo templates to help inspire you as you write your next few memos. When Adobe spark was launched it was with bloggers, marketers, students, and small businesses in mind, so make sure that you are using this tool to your advantage.

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