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Guide to Update TomTom Maps For Free

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TomTom is a Dutch-based company which offers holistic services based on location. It has been in the industry for 27 years with its operations in 51 countries and is one of the pioneers who brought GPS Navigation System to the forefront. Tomtom is a major traffic and maps data provider to companies across the globe. The Dutch-based company has tie-ups with governments of various countries helping them establish proper traffic management system.

TomTom offers a wide range of products from GPS Navigation System for cars to wearable and fleet management system. It’s the fourth biggest GPS navigation company in the world.

Have a Pending TomTom Maps Update? Here are the steps:

  • Many users look for TomTom Map Update by Free Crack Software, but you should not use these workarounds as it can be malicious and may corrupt your device. Then you might be wondering how to update TomTom Maps update for free. Yes, you can do it through your PC.
  • For easy update process, TomTom has released a standalone application MyDrive Connect which lets you connect your TomTom device to the PC. At first, download the latest MyDrive Connect application on your PC.
  • After installing, just connect your TomTom navigation device and MyDrive Connect will automatically detect it. You no need to worry about drivers as the application installs all the required drivers in order to communicate with the navigation device.
  • Now log in to your TomTom account and it will show connected. If your device has an update pending, it will show you on the home screen. Go through the instructions and after the installation is done it will show completed. Now you are free to disconnect the device from your PC. You will be updated to the latest version.

Update TomTom Maps


Want TomTom Maps Downloaded on your Device for Offline Use?

There are times when you are not able to connect to the internet or WiFi is broken and you urgently need to use TomTom Maps. You can easily download TomTom Maps on your device for offline use. If you are visiting another country, it’s always better to download the map before the trip for a hassle-free experience.

  • Open MyDrive Connect application on your PC and connect your device.
  • Log in to your TomTom account and you will see your device connected.
  • Go to Tools, and you will find download maps option. Click on download map and it will ask you the location. Select the area and then TomTom Maps will be downloaded to your device for offline use.

What else TomTom offers?

  • Navigation Devices:

TomTom has a standalone navigation device which is used in cars and various vehicles. It uses GPS to track the location and for navigation purpose. A large display is always active to show correct navigation path with precise location. The device has an inbuilt speaker and microphone which can listen to your command and read aloud instructions while driving for a distraction-free ride. It also has a large battery capacity so that you never run out of battery. There is also an option to connect to the car charger.

  • Fitness Watches:

With the advancement of technology, it is necessary to have a good health. TomTom fitness watches are built to constantly monitor your steps, heart rate, and deep sleep through its embedded sensors. It tracks all your activities and alerts you frequently. You can also load songs and start working out without any hassle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TomTom:

TomTom devices are of great use be it health or general navigation. It helps you find destinations with accurate information. Because of holistic data analytics that goes in background, TomTom is able to intelligently guide you through shortest way and reach the destination before ETA.

The alert system under TomTom keeps the Maps updated all the time. If an accident or road blockage has been reported, it’s updated instantly in the system. That’s why you should never have a pending TomTom Maps Update. TomTom makes you aware of all the conditions either it’s road blockage or weather.

On the other hand, TomTom is a standalone device. Its primary feature is solely navigation and it can be limiting sometimes with respect to mobile phones. But mobile phones eat lots of resources while using GPS and heats beyond control. The battery of mobile phones gives up easily too.

For a hassle-free navigation system, TomTom does a great job with efficiency and precise information. You can update the TomTom map seamlessly through PC as well.

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