Your Router Could Be Helping Cyber Criminals Hide Their Tracks

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Do you know your routers may help the hackers in an indirect way to hack?


It’s true that your routers might be the guilty one. But, don’t start accusing it right away. Let’s check how can a router help hacking?


Akamai is a cloud service provider and it is the biggest one. The security provider team has found out suddenly that the routers are being used for covering their tracks. Now the track which is visible is the router of the individual. The hacker is using universal plug in and play features to do so and covering the track easily.

Know How Routers Can Fall Prey To Hackers?

First of all, what is this Upnp?

UPnP allows the networked or connected devices to change the configuration of the router. Thus they are being controlled by the hacker but you are getting your hands dirty.

Your router’s configuration is being plugged in and used for the purpose. Thus, it veils the original tracking of the hacker. Similarly, cybercrime agencies or FBI are also unable to track the real culprits.

Akamai has discovered this that hackers are making secret pathways. Thus, they can successfully hide their criminal activities. The number that has been compromised with such things is roughly 65,000 routers. But that small number does not mean that it will not get bigger and worse.

In fact, there is a huge chance of getting this thing in a wide way out. So, let’s follow the old rule: Precaution is better than cure.

They are thinking that nearly 4.8 million routers are prone to such hacking through secret pathways. This includes 400 different models by 73 different manufacturers manufacturer may be like D-link, Belking, Asus or Netgear. So it’s high time to beware of such tasks.

hacking of routers

Replacement Is A Better Option!

Now, what can you do if you are having any of this models?

When a cybercriminal uses a router, they tend to set a proxy server. This proxy server would allow them to set up the connection and botnet traffic. This is being done through the home or office broadband link.

Besides this one launch of phishing, DDoS attacks, distribution of malware and controlling those malware and even hijacking users account can be some other ways for the cybercrime.

netgear router

You will not get aware at first. But when you will get aware of such things, the operation has already been done. But the most important thing is to avoid the routers of such vulnerable manufacturer and replace them. Check the vulnerable company announced by the Akamai’s.

Buy the one which is not on the list of the Akamai. They can at least save your router from such covered tracking of the router through the hackers.

So beware from the inception. It can bring you save you from the hacking and the hackers too which are the best option.

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