Tips for Thin and Light Laptops

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Laptops on the market today are divided into two categories: gaming and thin and light. They are targeted at different consumer groups. For most of the general office population, the role of thin and light in daily life is greater. It is easy to carry. It has attracted the attention and favor of many student groups.


There are two main categories of thin and light laptops. They are mainly based on whether they are equipped with a discrete graphics card. Thin and light laptop without discrete graphics card, thin and portable.

Battery life is also somewhat improved compared to other types. However, due to the limitations of the configuration. Its overall performance can only support daily office and other usage scenarios. And the thin and light type with the entry discrete graphics card. The performance of the graphics card has been improved compared to the thin and light models. Of course, the corresponding endurance will also be reduced. The performance of such a thin and light notebook product can basically play some online games. These games do not require high performance configuration.

There is a misconception about laptops. “Two laptops with the same configuration will have the same performance.” In fact, this notion is wrong. The performance of laptops cannot be judged on hardware configuration. Their cooling module cooling capacity and the manufacturer’s set down the frequency strategy and power strategy, and so on. These data will have a direct impact on the subsequent performance of the laptop. There is no shortage of “high-match low-energy” laptops on the market, and here is no example.

thin laptop

There is another misconception about laptop recommendations. That is to recommend the brand rather than the product. Forget about specific models and directly recommend the brand. Neither specific, and unconvincing. Moreover, the choice of a brand is not because of its specificity. It is more about the brand’s after-sales service. So, it is important to be discerning when choosing a buying channel. Avoid the problem of not being able to find customer service later. Then, you can consider purchasing the product from the brand’s official store. Guaranteed product quality and after-sales service quality. Why not?

In addition to the above points, there are some other features that consumers can focus on with laptops. It is the feature set that most laptops are not equipped with. The HUAWEI HONOR MagicBook Pro, for example. It is equipped with a multi-screen collaboration function. With this function, you can establish a connection between your HONOR smartphone and the MagicBook Pro. It is also possible to share the smartphone screen and files on the MagicBook Pro. By this function, the efficiency of the laptop can be greatly improved.

The above is some knowledge about thin and light notebook computers. Understanding can really be applied to practical applications.

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