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Stereo Hyped is a platform that focuses on highlighting trending news based on technology, tips, and trick or using tech-related products and platforms. We understand what our audiences are looking for in terms of tech which is why we are connected to many bloggers, technical writers, and readers. 

We make sure to post interesting topics in Stereo Hype so that our viewers are thrilled to read it. That being said, the variety of articles, blogs, and contents we post, cover the latest technology-related news and helpful solutions to technical issues. 

Why Write for Us?

We appreciate those who write for us. The articles, guest posts, and the blogs we post are written by content writers. Besides that, we respect people who would like to write tech-related content. If the contents are relevant, then rest assured that they will be published on our website. 

Stereo Hyped is one of the trending platforms that many viewers look forward to. That’s’ why we make sure we give readers what they want, through a unique style of relevant content. 

Guest Post Topics we Work on

Our blog and articles are ranged from all technical issues, tips and tricks on technology, and more. You can go through the website to see what all we cover. Here are some examples to clear the cloud:

5 Ways To Recover Images From The SD Card

7 easy Rules For Making Email Marketing Easy

Guidelines On Speeding the Antivirus Scans

Guidelines to Consider Before Writing Contents for Stereo Hyped!

If you are interested to write for us, all you need to do is keep these guidelines in your mind. We take writing seriously and abide by these guidelines at all times.

The guest post you write must be plagiarism-free or the very least, it should be 1% and not more than that. Also, make sure there are no grammatical errors in it. Use references and research thoroughly, but write it yourself. 

We are seriously concerned with information and facts. So, make sure to check them before writing. False information can misguide the readers and can be dangerous. 

Try to keep the article within the given rate, that is 1500 words. You can add a few lines extra if it fits, and try not to exaggerate. 

Make sure that the article is eye-catchy to the readers. Give a catchy heading with proper sub-headings to the parts of the contents. This will make the read more appealed. 

Lastly, add information on the reference source that you researched before submitting it. Also, make sure that you’ve given it a readability analysis. 

How To Submit Guest Posts?

If you’re wondering how to submit guest posts, then it is effortless. All you need you to need to do is reach us out and fill a form. Once you’ve submitted the form, we will respond to you. Once you submit a guest post, we will do plagiarism and a readability check. It the plagiarisms score fits our requirement and if it has good readability, we will publish on Stereo Hyped within a few hours only.